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Mahalo Daily visits the ModBook folks

Our good friends at Mahalo Daily took this short look at the Axiotron ModBook, which (you've probably seen) is a modified MacBook that's been turned into a tablet computer. I learned a couple of interesting things about the device -- first of all, it's not a touchscreen, it's really a tablet, which ...

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Mahalo Daily's 60 second Keynote

Don't have enough time to watch the whole keynote from the other day? Worry not-- our good friends (including Veronica Belmont) at Mahalo Daily have condensed Steve's whole 90 minute presentation (including the musical stylings of Randy Newman) into this quick sixty second breakdown. Thrill to the a...

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TUAW interviews Veronica Belmont

In our continued meanderings around Macworld we found Mahalo Daily's Veronica Belmont shooting some video of the Apple TV. Once again we asked for a little perspective on the keynote....

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