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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Moonlight Mahjong

There are few games quite as relaxing to play as Mahjong solitaire. Moonlight Mahjong is a great free solitaire game for the Mac, that's tuned for using a trackpad. Not to be confused with classic game of mahjong, Mahjong solitaire is a tile matching game where you're presented with a pile of...

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MacBundleBox: 15 apps for 50 bucks

MacBundleBox is offering 15 Mac applications for $49.95: an 85 percent discount (compared to buying each app individually). The apps included are: Headline - A full-featured RSS/ATOM feed reader with an ultra-minimal UI. Mac Pilot 3 - A system optimization and customization utility. iConquer - A...

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First Looks: Blackjack 21 and Shanghai Mahjong

Today, I got a chance to play Mobile Age's two App Store games: Blackjack 21 and Shanghai Mahjong. As the names suggest, these two familiar classics were ported to the iPhone platform. I started off with the Mahjong, which is a solitaire game the goal of which is to remove all the tiles on-screen b...

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