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Mail Pilot makes 'inbox zero' a reality

Even though the initial snafus regarding Apple Mail in OS X Mavericks have been smoothed out, the issues propelled me to start searching for a better mail client for my Mac. After utilizing everything from Gmail's web interface to Postbox, I wanted to see what mail clients were pushing the envelop...

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Sign up now for Mail Pilot for Mac's free public beta

Mindsense's Mail Pilot for Mac has moved to the next stage of its Mac client beta by announcing a free public review of the app. Mindsense joins other software developers in trying to overhaul the Mac email experience by focusing on inbox management in productivity. The company already has an iOS...

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Mail Pilot comes to the Mac, beta signup now open to the public

Mail Pilot, an email client for iOS from Mindsense, made waves when it hit the App Store in early April. Today, Mindsense announced that it is bringing its productivity app to the Mac. Mail Pilot for the Mac will mirror the iOS version, but will include features to help you manage your inbox effe...

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Mail Pilot wants to reinvent email on iOS

Mail Pilot for iPhone (US$14.99, universal) is the Kickstarter-funded app that hopes to reinvent our relationship with the incessant demands of email. Much like competitor Mailbox (our review here), Mail Pilot lets you sort messages by the date you choose to deal with them. There's also extensiv...

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