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How to set up Comcast IMAP email on iOS 7, OS X Mavericks

For years, POP (Post Office Protocol) email has been a thorn in my side. Apple's email service uses the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) protocol for email, as do many other email services. What's the big difference between POP and IMAP? Well, if you're connected to a POP account and delete...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Let me help people fix their notes on Mountain Lion

Dear Aunt TUAW, I am writing you because I think you may want to publish this on your column, as a tip to your trillions of readers. On Leopard, Apple included Notes within Mail, an app I use exclusively. I wrote many notes on Mail, including to-do reminders and background notes. Enter M...

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Mountain Lion 101: Mail VIPs

This Mountain Lion 101 feature is a quickie -- Apple's Mail app now has a new feature called VIPs that gives you one-click access to emails from those very important people in your life. Emails from VIPs have a star next to the sender's name, and a mailbox for each VIP is added to the Favorit...

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Lion Mail: Faster, full-screen, and feature-packed

During my testing of OS X Lion during the last month, I decided to take a break from my beloved Sparrow to see if the reboot of could bring me back into the fold. I hate to tell the Sparrow team, but I'm heading to back to Mail. In this post, I'll discuss the features that have made me ha...

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Clearing old addresses from Mail's auto-complete list

If you find yourself inadvertently emailing friends or colleagues at the address they quit using years ago, chances are's Previous Recipients list is at fault. It's easy enough to clear out the cruft; just go to Mail's Window menu and choose Previous Recipients. Select the addresses yo...

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Sparrow update eats bugs, changes default settings

A minor update to competitor Sparrow was released today. Sparrow 1.2.1, available through the Mac App Store, provides fixes to a number of crash-related bugs, as well as some changes to default app settings. According to the release notes, the Facebook wall post option is now unchecked ...

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Ask TUAW: AppleScripting coolness

It's Tuesday Wednesday, which means it's time for Ask TUAW Video Edition. We've gotten great comments and questions coming in, and we have been trying to get to them all. Some of them are just too hard to show in a video format such as Ask TUAW, so today I have decided to do a little AppleScript "...

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Get email design chores under control with equinux Mail Designer

If you've ever had to code together a complex HTML email then you know how painful it usually is. It's like taking a trip back to 1999 before the web discovered standards and everyone was still doing table-based design -- only with the addition of cumbersome inline CSS, and the challenge of dea...

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5 productivity tips for

Like Kelly Taylor from Beverly Hills 90210 and her flings with Dylan, Brandon and Colin, I've been around the block with mail clients, both on the Mac and PC side.That said, I prefer While is simple enough for less advanced users, it also contains some niceties for power users. He...

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Mac 101: In, reply with selected text

More Mac 101, tips and tricks for the novice Mac user. I've been using the Mail app in Mac OS X for a good four or five years now. I thought I pretty much knew most of how to use it, but today I've been pleasantly surprised. I've just stumbled across a nifty little feature that I hadn't known abo...

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Mac 101: Making a fancy signature in

I was leafing through some emails this afternoon and came upon one with an extremely attractive signature block. So attractive, in fact, that I promptly stopped doing the writing I was working on and decided to create my own new signature to replace the ugly one I had been using. I wanted to have...

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Postbox adds Things and OmniFocus support

The first time I heard about Postbox, it was a relatively new email client for the Mac. Based on the details in the first announcement and my trial run, I was very intrigued. I recall telling the rest of TUAW that -- if its stated goals were achieved -- it had the potential to take over my ...

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reMail may be reIncarnated as it goes open source

Several weeks back, we noted that Google had acquired reMail, and had placed founder Gabor Cselle and others from the reMail team on other Google projects. The reMail app distinguished itself from the iPhone's built-in in several ways: It could download all of your emails in a way that ...

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Mac 101: Getting your RSS feeds in your inbox in

RSS reader support has been a built-in feature of since version 3.0 (when Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard was released). Although I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds, I've yet to find the need for a dedicated RSS reader app -- such as Newsgator's NetNewsWire. I like having my email and news feeds...

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Since upgrading, Snow Leopard users with widescreen displays may have been missing WideMail, the plugin for that gives you a 3-column display of your messages. We mentioned it some time ago, and you may recall it being one of the casualties of my Snow Leopard upgrade. Letterbox, an alterna...

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