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DIY iPhone boombox built with a ShopBot

The ShopBot is a sort of an electronic saw, a special setup designed to do some computer-aided cutting and carving work on big planks of board. It's quite useful for woodworking or making things like skateboards or surfboards. Odds are that you don't have one, but nevertheless, just such a device ...

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DIY auto remote uses iPhone and Arduino to start a car

Here's a project for Arduino fans with an old iPhone sitting in their junk drawer. Following these instructions from Will O'Brien, you can craft a remote start system that's triggered by SMS. The setup requires an Avatal 3117 remote start, an iPhone breakout board, an Arduino, a switching suppl...

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Capacitive touch brush stylus made from conductive thread

Artist Margarita Benitez really wanted a Nomad Brush for her iPad but didn't have the cash for the actual thing, so she did the next best: she made one herself. Using an old brush handle and some conductive thread, she was able to assemble a working brush, and says it works better than expected...

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Cord from iPhone to Arduino now available

Make has put together an enticing kit for those interested in doing a little Arduino programming alongside the iPhone. The Redpark Breakout Pack is basically a serial cable with a connector on it that will go from an iPhone to an Arduino and let you send signals back and forth, even without jai...

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iPhone case has cross-stitched back

A confession: For a short time as a kid, I was actually into cross stitching. Not that far into it, but I did enjoy the routine that turned into art, the pattern-following that, when combined with the right thread or yarn and the correct stitches, turned into a nice piece of handmade art. That'...

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How to: Turn your old watch into a nanowatch

Sure, you could just buy a "carrying solution" for the new square iPod nano, but where's the fun in that? Wired shows you how to turn your old wristwatch into a nanowatch -- just take the old strap off, and use the nano's clip to attach it all together. Of course, it depends on your old watch strap...

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iPhone-controlled 3D display, via ping pong balls and air pumps

I'm not quite 100% sure what this is -- it's supposed to be a "floating forecaster," some sort of 3D display for weather information, but to me it looks more like 30 air guns with ping pong balls sitting in them. I don't really see how the "weather" part of the display works, but what's really cool...

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How to make $150 million in a day

Seth Godin has a great post up that serves as a good capper on what may have been Apple's best product launch ever. He puts the money made by Apple last Saturday morning at around $150 million, and even if that's not exactly right, I have to say that having been through a few Apple launches now, I t...

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iMac nightlight

What do you do when you're an artist and your lime iMac dies? Why, you get yourself to Ikea, pick up some lights, scoop out the iMac's guts, and make an iMac night light. The translucent plastic that is no longer in vogue these days looks fantastic light from within, if you ask me. [via MAKE: Blog]...

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How to: Make a travel case for your second gen iPod shuffle

This How To might have a limited audience, since it is only relevant to people who own the following items: Apple in-ear headphones a second gen iPod shuffle The in-ear headphones come with a case that is suitable for use as an iPod shuffle case, with some alterations. Follow these instructi...

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Steam powered iMac

I spent much of my college days reading Victorian literature, and since I also happen to be a SciFi geek it should shock no one that I enjoy Steampunk (though I would be shocked if many of you even know what Steampunk is). It seems that Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane share my love of melding 21st and ...

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More laser etched Powerbooks

Philip Torrone is at it again. 3 more Powerbooks have received the laser etching treatment (read about the first one he did, or get yours done by ETCHamac). This time the Powerbooks get a NeXT logo, a bunny in a tsunami, and some tasteful blossom branches. I really want to get this done to my Power...

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Make a frame out of a Powerbook

Do you have a need for a digital picture frame and own an old Powerbook you no longer want? Well then, you should craft your own digital picture frame out of your Powerbook following these directions. If only I hadn't traded in my old TiBook for an Aluminum Powerbook. [via Make]...

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