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Apple opening store in Anchorage, Alaska

Apple will open its most northerly store in Anchorage, Alaska, later this year according to ifoAppleStore. It will be nearly 300 miles north of the current most northerly store in Aberdeen, Scotland, and within driving distance of the Arctic Circle. Apple is currently advertising for retail staff t...

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Paris and Palo Alto getting new Apple Stores

ifoAppleStore has news of two new stores opening up soon. First up, Paris is getting another new store (in addition to the Opera store opened there recently) in the Carré Sénart shopping and entertainment complex, about 30 miles south of downtown. The area is reportedly quite built up...

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Shopkick, Best Buy team up to use location-based app for loyalty program

I've been a member of Best Buy's rewards program for a little while now -- as long as I'm spending way too much of my hard-earned money at the big box retailer, I figure I might as well try to get some of it back. And I was pretty impressed with what they've done on their website with the program --...

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