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Arcade emulator iMAME punted out of App Store

Fans of vintage arcade games know that the popular and free emulation tool MAME (stands for "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator") can be used to recreate the experience of classic coin-op and console videogames on PCs, Macs and jailbroken iOS devices. The catch, of course, is that in order to r...

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Jailbreak app iMAME4All adds iCade support

The latest version of iMAME4All, a jailbreak app that lets you play retro arcade games on your iOS device, added support for the iCade desktop arcade cabinet for the iPad. It lets you play any MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) compatible ROM on your iCade and opens it up to a variety of p...

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iPhone MAME project launched

I'm pretty sure that, with this link, we've hit all the basic retrogaming points for the iPhone (wait-- can I play Nethack on it yet?). Yes, iphone-sdl-mame aims to bring all of your MAME favorites to Apple's latest endeavor. Like all of the other projects we've covered, it's open source, unofficial...

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NES emulator for the iPod

First it was Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man, and now the enterprising geeks at the iPod Linux project have written a NES emulator for the iPod. So far, Megaman, Spiderman, Skate Or Die and Guerilla War work fine, while Tetris, Super Mario Brothers and a few others are still a bit crash-tastic. If you've g...

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Pac Mac/Ms. Pac Man on your iPod

Forget Breakout. Those industrious folks at the iPodLinux Project have gotten Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man to run on their 5G iPods, as well as their nanos. It's actually an iPod port of the MAME project, and it just looks fantastic. I may have to install Linux on my 'Pod just so I can check this out. [V...

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