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Set preferred addresses for Address Book groups

Dan Moren at MacUser just removed a long-standing headache of mine and I'm sure many others by posting on the ability to specify default addresses for Address Book groups. Here's a little background if you're scratching your head: in Mail.app, you can type the name of a group to address a message to...

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Dragster - drag and drop file management and transfer with a twist

Ambrosia Software, those crazy kids with the Snapz Pro X and WireTap Pro, have unveiled the latest trick up their sleeve in the form of Dragster, an interesting approach to drag and drop file management and transfer. This utility, as you can see, lives in the Dock and is more or less like a drag and...

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Curio Basic offered for free until midnight, August 7th

Remember Curio from Zengobi, that unique brainstorming and project management app we found a couple weeks ago? As a thanks to all the publicity they've been getting lately the company has decided to offer Curio Basic for free - but only until midnight, EDT on Tuesday, August 7th. All you need to do...

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Groupcal 3: manage your Exchange calendar from iCal

Are you a Mac user living in an Exchange world, forced to trudge through Entourage? (Don't get me wrong: Entourage is fine, but 'trudge' is just a good verb for dramatic effect.) Well trudge no longer with Groupcal 3, an addon for iCal that allows you to access, manage, edit and synchronize your Exc...

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Hawk Wings lists 10 Mac OS X tools for Getting Things Done

Tim Gaden at Hawk Wings has compiled a list of ten Mac OS X tools that can help you implement the Getting Things Done philosophy in the way you work. The tools are broken down into three categories: email clients, dedicated GTD apps and web-based solutions for that ultimate cross-platform effect. M...

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UPDATE: A commenter on this post has published a fix for the Procrastinatr damage which I've tested multiple times. We have a new post here with instructions and a download. TUAW readers: I sincerely apologize for the damage that Procrastinatr did to iCal. I didn't notice any discrepancies in my cal...

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VersionTracker offers DivX Pro license with subscription purchase

VersionTracker has announced a new bundle offer included with purchases of VersionTracker Pro subscriptions. For the first 350 who purchase, renew or extend a VersionTracker Pro subscription, they will receive a free license to the new DivX Pro (a $19.99 value), which we blogged last month. DivX, a...

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iWeb 1.1 can handle multiple site databases

I was pretty darn happy with iWeb's update the other day, and good news of feature  enhancements is still cropping up. Comments on my review of iWeb's new features pointed out such handy additions as a pop-up calendar when clicking on a blog post's date - great for adjusting its schedule. There...

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