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Foxconn applies for license, aiming to get into wireless service

Apple's parts manufacturer of choice, Foxconn, doesn't seem very happy with its current industry. The company recently made its own iPhone-compatible smartwatch (in order to show off that it could design its own devices), and now the Wall Street Journal reports that Foxconn's parent company, Hon...

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Who needs Apple? Foxconn makes an iPhone-friendly smartwatch

Apple has not announced an iWatch, as many folks hoped it would, and that didn't bother Foxconn. The company that manufactures most of Apple's iPhones and iPads has made its own iPhone-compatible smartwatch, which it showed off earlier this week. The watch looks relatively simple, but it can check...

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Foxconn to reportedly build all iPad 3 units

Foxconn is using its production muscle to keep Apple's iPad 3 manufacturing contracts to itself. This contradicts an earlier report that claimed Apple was shopping around for a second manufacturer like Pegatron to assist with iPad 3 production. According to this new report from Digitimes, the...

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Apple reportedly to add another iPad 3 manufacturer

Apple may begin producing the iPad 3 soon and manufacturers needed to assemble this tablet device are being chosen. Not surprisingly, the primary manufacturer is expected to be Foxconn, a long-time manufacturer of Apple devices. A recent explosion at Foxconn's Chengdu plant has impacted Foxc...

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Intel distributing Thunderbolt developer kits this quarter, more peripherals on the way

According to IDG News, Intel announced yesterday that Thunderbolt developer kits would be making their way out to manufacturers within this quarter, opening up development for the fledgling standard. The technology, previously known by its code name 'Light Peak,' began shipping on the 2011 MacB...

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Millenial Media: Apple still top manufacturer, devs heading to Android in 2011

Millenial Media has released its monthly report about mobile advertising, and while things haven't changed too much from the last time they released this kind of data, the usual trends are still in place. Apple is the biggest mobile device manufacturer around, representing 25 percent of mobile impr...

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ASUS wants to be "another Apple"

ASUS chairman Jonney Shih has successfully guided his company through the spinoff of their manufacturing arm Pegatron (whom Apple is already ready to do business with), and in the process stated that he wants the computer maker to become "another Apple," but one based on open-source platforms like G...

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Report: Apple signs new iPhone manufacturer, rumored to work on CDMA iPhone

Apple has reportedly signed up with a new manufacturer in China to help produce the next generation of the iPhone -- Pegatron will be joining Foxconn in putting together parts for Apple's next handheld unit, we hear courtesy of the always talkative "industry sources." The company has been rumored t...

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