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Apple bans the use of two potentially harmful chemicals in final device assembly

Apple has banned the use of two potentially harmful chemicals in the final assembly of its devices. This ban was confirmed by vice president of environmental initiatives Lisa Jackson in a statement posted on Apple's Environmental Responsibility website. Recently, we received some questions abo...

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Independent medical team finds no link between employee death and Apple supplier Pegatron's working conditions

After a 15-year-old worker died of pneumonia at Pegatron, a Chinese supplier, Apple had an independent team of medical experts sent to the facility to verify working conditions, Bloomberg reports. The worker had previously been cleared as healthy just a month prior to his death. An official Apple...

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Foxconn reveals plans for US-based manufacturing facility

iPhone manufacturing powerhouse Foxconn is planning to drop a cool $40 million in the United States to build a manufacturing facility for telecom and internet products, according to company chairman Terry Gou. Bloomberg reports the facility will be located in Harrisburg, Penn., where Foxconn alrea...

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Apple clears final hurdle to bring sapphire-manufacturing plant to Arizona

AZCentral is reporting that the Gilbert Public School Board voted to approve a tax break for Apple, thereby clearing the way for Apple to open up its planned sapphire-manufacturing plant in Mesa, Ariz. Under terms of the agreement, Apple will buy the land, pay all expenses needed to build out the ...

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Apple's plans for 2014: robots, advanced manufacturing processes and more

Every time Apple introduces a new product at a media event, they love showing us a video depicting the incredible, and sometimes pioneering, manufacturing methods used to create their latest and greatest device. The most recent example came a few weeks ago during Apple's special media event where ...

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Apple to open Arizona manufacturing facility to make sapphire materials

Apple has announced its plans to open a new facility in Arizona to manufacture sapphire materials, according to PocketLint. The Mesa, Ariz., complex will be built and run in partnership with GT Advanced, which is helping Apple manufacture the sapphire. Apple currently uses sapphire in its camera l...

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Tim Cook talks about US-made Mac with Politico

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple was bringing production of an existing Mac line to the US. Cook shared some additional details on the project in an interview with Politco that was published yesterday. Besides being assembled in the US, many of the components will be produced in...

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Production lines running through Chinese New Year to meet iPad mini demand

As you celebrate this holiday season with a game of Angry Birds Star Wars on that new iPad mini, take a moment to consider the workers in China who are about to forego their traditional two-week Chinese New Year break. According to United Daily, at least two of Apple's suppliers in the country ar...

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Improvements at Foxconn's China factory

Foxconn has been under the microscope due to excessive overtime and poor working conditions at its Chinese production facilities. A report in the New York Times suggests the company is making changes that'll improve the workplace for its 1.4 million employees in China. These improvements includ...

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New York, Oregon vie for Apple's business

Business officials in Oregon and upstate New York are vying to bring "Project Azalea" to their own workers. Oregon Live suggests that Project Azalea is the code name for a factory that would fabricate semiconductors for Apple's iPhone and iPad. The Business Review of Albany, New York recently ob...

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Apple now tracks hours for 1M supply chain workers

In the latest update to the company's Supplier Responsibility page, Apple has changed the estimated number of workers in its supply chain from 900,000 to 1 million, MacRumors reports. Along with the new, higher figure, the monthly tracked Work-Hour Compliance chart has also been updated, showin...

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Apple's US plant could be highly automated

With Apple poised to drop a cool $100 million in US manufacturing in 2013, theories about just what a modern Apple factory could look like. As Macworld reports, the early money appears to be on intelligent machines, and lots of them. The idea behind having an Apple production facility in the ...

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Daily Update for December 7, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Apple's US Mac production to go beyond assembly

We've heard more about Apple's plans to start building some Macs in the United States, thanks to a Reuters news post that delved into the remarks made by Apple CEO Tim Cook to NBC's Rock Center program. It appears that the initiative is not just limited to assembly of new Macs, but will include...

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Tim Cook announces plans to manufacture Mac computers in USA

Tim Cook has told NBC News that Apple intends to manufacture Mac computers in the USA. In an exclusive interview that will air on the network's "Rock Center" with Brian Williams, Cook stated that one of the existing Mac lines will be manufactured in the States exclusively, starting next year. ...

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