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Rocking All Over The World crowdsources rock history

Rocking All Over the World is a free app for iPhone and iPad that asks you to help crowdsource rock history. Everybody has their own experiences, memories, and pictures from events they've attended. This app asks everyone to share those things to create a map showing where so many great things hap...

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Browse through this interactive map of Apple's suppliers worldwide

Apple releases a list of all of its hardware supplier partners about once a year, as part of its Supplier Responsibility program. But the most recent list of suppliers included not only company names, but also addresses for each, and so a site called ChinaFile took all of those addresses and pu...

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Five apps (and more) for the summer road trip

The Independence Day holiday week is upon us, and millions of American families are heading out on the open road. Where past generations depended on paper maps and Mad Libs, the march of technology has given us new tools for kids and parents alike. Our five-plus apps for road trips are accompan...

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OpenStreetMap gets acknowledged in iPhoto credits

After iPhoto landed on iOS in March, people quickly discovered the app used OpenStreetMap data for the map tiles. At the time, there was no attribution given to OSM but that has changed in the latest version of iPhoto, which was released earlier this week. OpenStreetMap pointed out in a tweet t...

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Apple using OpenStreetMap data in iPhoto for iPad

If you purchased the new iPhoto for iOS yesterday, you may be surprised by the map tiles in the app. As noticed by 512 pixels, they are not from Google Maps. After some initial confusion over the source of the map data, the OpenStreetMap Foundation confirmed that Apple is using map data from the Op...

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Apple's Find My Friends app now available

In advance of iOS 5, Apple has released Find My Friends, a location sharing app similar to Glympse. As the name implies, Find My Friends will let you locate your friends on a map. It'll also let you share your location so your friends can find you. For those concerned about privacy, the locat...

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Apple granted a trademark for the word 280

Apple received a trademark for the word 280 and the icon for its iOS navigation app. The trademark application was filed in April 2010 and granted on June 28, 2011. "280", for those who are wondering, refers to Route 280 which runs next to Apple's campus at One Infinite Loop in Cupertino. The g...

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iPhone navigation packages, in S-M-L editions

Thinking about getting Dad some directional guidance for Father's Day? Our package selections cover small, medium and large budgets to get where you're going. Of all the industries disrupted by the emergence of these odd touchscreen computers disguised as mobile phones, the standalone GPS market...

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App Review: Battle Map lets you create huge worlds in small doses

The essence of a role playing game is, well, ... playing a role. Theoretically, you can play a tabletop RPG with not much more than your thoughts, a rule book or two, and some dice. In practice, though, an entire industry is engaged in releasing products to make imagining and inhabiting fantasti...

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Two apps to help you find a parking spot

A while back in Chicago, a friend and I tried working on a Google maps API site that was sort of a crowd-sourced parking guide -- we'd set up a Google map that could be marked up with where the best free parking was, and then we'd turn it loose on the Internet to get filled in with information. Unfo...

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Find My iPhone location tracking enables all-city chase

We're not 100% convinced of the safety of his approach, but Kevin Miller's determination to recover his lost iPhone -- combined with the power of MobileMe's new Find My iPhone feature -- led him on a wild chase across Chicago, which he visited while he was attending a LEGO convention in nearby Whe...

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European nav app first out of the gate for iPhone

It looks like our European friends will get first crack at an advanced turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPhone/iPod touch. MobileNavigator Europe [App Store] requires the 3.0 software, and looks to be fully featured: 2D and 3D map displays Can be used in portrait and landscape format Bran...

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Lonely Planet San Francisco City Guide for iPhone free for a limited time

Normally the Lonely Planet guides for iPhone are $15.99, so any way you look at it, getting the San Francisco guide (iTunes link) for free is a great purchase. At worst you'll see if you like the Lonely Planet way of doing things in a travel guide and at best you might discover something new in San ...

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Mac 101: Get a Google Map from Address Book contact

How many times have you looked at an Address Book contact address, only to realize that you don't know where they're located? What do you do? Most would copy and paste the address into Google Maps, but there is a better way! In a contact's Address Book card, right-clicking on an address and clickin...

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NYC Subway maps for iPhone

This post will initially have a limited audience--residents of New York City--but I think the idea behind it is interesting enough that other folks might benefit as well. Khoi Vinh has whipped up a cool NYC subway map for the iPhone that takes advantage of the iPhone's thumbnail system for photos. B...

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