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Tag: mapping

DIY Map GPS is a nav app that lets you create your map experience

DIY Map GPS (US$4.99, universal) is a GPS navigation solution for those who like to create or annotate their own maps. While it can use the open source Open Street Maps to download mapping data with an Internet connection, it also lets you create your own maps from JPEG or PNG files. DIY Map also...

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The iOS 6 Maps app is why my next phone may be a Samsung, not an iPhone 5

My next phone won't be the iPhone 5 I've been dreaming of for a year; it'll be a Samsung Android handset. Why? Two words: Google Maps. This isn't a political statement. It's not an empty protest over how bad Apple's Maps app is. It's because for the first time I've lost confidence that an App...

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One not-so-secret reason Apple built its own Maps for iOS 6

In the uproar over iOS 6's move to Apple's homegrown Maps service, the driving theme is user frustration (not to say outright anger). Even the most ardent apologists have to acknowledge that Maps has serious issues, and the company's critics are having a field day. Some of the challenges may be ...

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Google Earth for iOS updated with tour guides and 3D flights

Check your iPhone or iPad for an update to the Google Earth app today. Version 7.0 of the free, universal app features tour guides of historic landmarks, as well as 3D flyovers of selected cities. The flyovers beat Apple to the punch because a similar feature is going to appear in Apple's Maps ...

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New Apple nav app uses TomTom as primary provider

Our sister site, Engadget, is reporting that the new navigation app from Apple will use TomTom maps as a primary, but not the only source of street map data. We were sitting around wondering how people like Garmin, Navigon and others would feel about Apple providing turn-by-turn for free on iOS...

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Daily iPad App: Stuck on Earth

Stuck on Earth is one of those 'really good ideas' that only seems obvious after you've seen it and spent some time with this free app. It's designed for travelers and especially photographers. Move a map to any place on earth, and as you zoom in you will begin to see photographs taken at those...

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Siri for iPhone is like the proverbial Genie in a bottle

We're getting closer and closer to some of the stuff we see it science fiction literature and films. Siri [iTunes link] is a small Silicon Valley startup with a really breakthrough product that for now only works on the iPhone. Here's the deal. You download the free app, start it up, and tell it ...

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Mac 101: Using your Windows keyboard

If you switch frequently between a Mac and a PC, chances are you have to deal with a Windows keyboard from time to time. Thankfully, this can be easy with third-party utilities, or even features already built in to Mac OS X. For most switchers, the hardest part about learning to use a new Mac is de...

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Ascent 1.9.4 - Enabling Peak Sports Performance

Several years ago, I wouldn't have been sitting at my Mac on a warm spring day. Instead, I would have been out cruising the hundreds of miles of Denver-area bike trails on my RANS V-Rex recumbent bike. During those rides, I kept track of my distance, average speed, and other statistics with a Ga...

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OmniGraffle is fantastic. Its useful, shiny, and it allows me to show people what my thoughts look like visually, even if it scares them a bit. Perhaps one of the most useful applications of OmniGraffle is for plotting out infrastructure of some kind; network maps; flow charts; company hierarchies. ...

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Get a map from any app with MappingService

Like Tim Gaden over at Hawk Wings, I too love Mac OS X's highly underrated Services menu, and Robert Stainsby has released a very handy addition to it: MappingService. This clever service allows you to select an address from any application, say a website, a document or an IM, and simply chose 'Map...

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