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Paperless: A solid, easily customizable document manager for OS X

There are several bloggers here at TUAW who are slowly moving toward a paperless office. Steve Sande has had the best success, sharing some of what he's learned about culling out the piles of paper in his freelance business. However, it doesn't stop reams of paper from entering your life, or ...

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MacGourmet improves upon a winner

Let me tell you about the fly paper storage method. I spent my youth in a shoebox-shaped house in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It had vinyl siding, cracked slate sidewalks and an under-performing rose bush in the front yard. Inside you'd find my family: happy enough, God-fearing and terribly disorganized...

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Microsoft Office rolls up to 12.1.7, trial edition downloadable

There's an update in town, and it's all about locking it down: the 12.1.7 update to Microsoft Office 2008 (available within the suite via the software update tool, or downloadable from Microsoft) closes two security holes present in multiple versions of Microsoft Excel and first acknowledged by the...

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