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Will Apple hit a $1 trillion market valuation?

A maelstrom of headlines hit the internet yesterday claiming Apple was the most valuable company in history now that its market cap hit $622 billion. While this may not be true once you adjust Microsoft's 1999 record-setting value of $618.9 billion for inflation, the bigger question we should b...

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AAPL flirts with $600 today

Apple's stock soared on Wednesday and now it is poised to cross the US$600 mark. As noted by CNN Money, the stock hit $600 once and has fallen back down to $598 at the writing of this post. As The Wall Street Journal points out it took Apple 34 trading days to jump from $400 to $500 and a mere 23 ...

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Apple stock soars, market value close to entire retail sector

If you haven't noticed, Apple's stock was soaring today. It closed at US$589.58, another all-time high, and is up +21.48 for the day. As financial analysts pour over these numbers, they are discovering some amazing trivia about this off-the-charts growth. Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty may have kic...

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Apple's value is more than Microsoft and Intel combined

Apple's market cap is now greater than Microsoft and Intel combined. When the market closed on Friday, Microsoft had a market cap of US$201.59 billion and Intel had a cap of $115.21 billion. Combined, they have a market cap of $316.8 billion which is just below the $317.60 billion of Apple. Thi...

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Apple market value exceeds Google's

Digital Daily, part of the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital site, is reporting that Apple's market value is now greater than that of Google. The current market capitalization of Apple is US$159.37 billion, squeaking by Google's market cap of US$157.56 billion. Next in Apple's sights ought ...

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Apple's value is now quadruple Dell's

There's no love lost between Steve Jobs and Dell founder Michael Dell. Back in 1997, when Michael was CEO of Dell, he famously told a group of IT big wigs, ""What would I do [if I were in charge of Apple]? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders." Oh, Michael. That's the kind of...

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Apple market value higher than Dells

At least it was for a bit. MacDailyNews reports that, as of 2pm today, Apple's market value is $ 60,599,382,920 whilst Dell's is a paltry $ 60,014,811,000. Check out the number here. I think it is clear what must be done. Dell should close shop, sell everything, and give that money back to...

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