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Slices of Apple episode 12: The 105% solution

Slices of Apple is a documentary series exploring the success of Apple as a company. It seeks to educate business leaders, entrepreneurs and laypeople about how Apple keeps delivering consistently great products. In this episode of Slices of Apple, I'm talking to Brett Murray, who worked at A...

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iPhone 6 launch makes app marketing more expensive than ever

The launch of a new iPhone and release of a fresh new version of iOS always boost App Store activity, and this year's iPhone 6 launch has not only pushed more users to the App Store, but also pushed the cost of acquiring a loyal customer on iOS to the highest point it's ever been. According to new...

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Every iPad ad, reviewed and ranked

The thing about Apple ads is that even when they're bad, they're usually still good. Compared to the marketing efforts of Apple's peers, the company's TV commercials have been pretty much golden since the early 2000s. And some of the best ads Apple has ever released are for the market-defining iPa...

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iBeacons arrive today in Hudson's Bay, Lord & Taylor stores

Shoppers at Hudson's Bay and Lord & Taylor stores across Canada and the US are getting an early peek at the future of retail marketing starting today as HBC Department Store Group flips the switch on the Swirl in-store beacon marketing platform. While the systems won't be in place at all stores...

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The TUAW Daily Update Podcast for June 11, 2014

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get some the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at the top of ...

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Apple touted as most valuable billion dollar brand in the United States

Apple is currently the most valuable billion dollar brand in the United States, this according to a recent report published by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. According to the chart above, which was compiled by Brand Finance, Apple's brand today is worth $104.6 billion. That's well ahead o...

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Steve Jobs sobbed in the wake of Antennagate

In a recently discovered video on 99u, former Apple VP of Marketing Communications Allison Johnson details what it was like working in Apple's marketing department under the always watchful eye of Steve Jobs. Recalling her time at Apple, Johnson describes how there were two words within Apple's m...

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TUAW One-to-One with Jonathan Kressaty of Levers

In this episode of One-to-One, I'm speaking with Jonathan Kressaty of the marketing analytics company, Levers. Kressaty moved to San Francisco a short while ago, and we spend most of the episode talking about public perceptions of the Bay area's tech scene versus what it is really like from someone ...

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The subtle brilliance of Apple's product names

While recently browsing through some Sony camcorders on Amazon, I was struck by how nonsensical and downright confusing tech companies can be when naming their products. How can the average consumer, without engaging in an extensive amount of online research, really differentiate a Sony HDR-CX430...

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Devs can now use all iPhone 5s colors in marketing

Apple has updated its developer guidelines to allow developers to use all colors of the iPhone 5s in product marketing. Previously developers were only officially allowed to use the black iPhone likeness for marking, though many developers ignored this rule and used the white iPhone as well, sugge...

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Mac App of the Week: Mail Designer Pro

If you're a small business owner, chances are you try to collect a mailing list of customers who are open to getting newsletters and announcements from you. In order to make such newsletters appealing on a mobile device, you previously needed to hire a graphic designer and / or coder to create a n...

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Apple goes after app news release for being 'at odds' with 'entire reason Apple exists'

Apple took a dislike recently to a press release announcing the availability of a new app. After Tim Cook passed this week on a question about sharing solutions across iCloud, the CEO of a company making an app named Glide, Donald Leka, sent out a press release for his app stating that "consumer...

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Apple's new "Why iPhone" page reminds customers of key features

If ever an email should have arrived with a Minnie Riperton song as its soundtrack, this is the one. On Saturday afternoon, Apple sent a blast message to customers pointing out how awesome the iPhone 5 is, in so many different ways. The email points to a new "Why iPhone" page on Apple's site, w...

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CES 2013: Shazam adds TV (and TV ads) to its music finding service

Shazam's Executive Vice President of Marketing, David Jones, kindly found some time to meet up with me during CES 2013 today, and we chatted about what the company has been up to lately. You probably remember Shazam from their very early days on the iPhone as a music-finding app (you can use th...

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Apple still working on 'next version of Logic Pro'

There have been rumors bouncing around recently that Apple's digital audio division has been losing employees over the past few years, to the point where it's just a couple of guys still around to maintain the audio apps that are still out there (mostly just Logic Pro, which last saw a new full...

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