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Why IDC sales estimates are complete BS

Just last month we detailed why relying on marketshare predictions from research companies like IDC and Gartner often lead to disastrously off-base conclusions. Even more jarring is that these research firms can't even manage to put together semi-accurate sales figures during a current quarter. Ju...

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Apple tops the smartphone industry in brand retention

New research data compiled by Morgan Stanley Research (and relayed by Business Insider) reveals that when it comes to brand retention in the smartphone industry, Apple remains the top dog. On average, Morgan Stanley found that 90% of iPhone owners remain loyal to Apple as compared to 77 for Nokia....

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The danger of using bogus IDC marketshare predictions to declare "Apple is losing to Android"

As anyone who follows the tech market closely can attest, marketshare predictions rarely play out as anticipated. To borrow a phrase from the political sphere, you might say that marketshare predictions are like cologne; fun to smell but dangerous to drink. Yet the blogosphere, for reasons that o...

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Why the Mac vs PC marketshare debate is outdated

In years past, tabulating computer marketshare was a simple task. Count how many Macs Apple sold in any given quarter and compare that to how many Windows PCs were sold during the same quarter. The era of the smartphone, however, has fundamentally changed the way we should measure marketshare. Th...

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Why research data about Apple sales is a bunch of bull

An iWatch. An iRing. An iTV. Just a few items that, if analysts actually knew what they were talking about, would already be splashed across Apple's online retail store, ready for purchase. It's no secret that analyst predictions regarding Apple are typically suspect at best. After all, fifth-han...

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Android to iPhone trend accelerating

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) released new data highlighting, among other things, that an increasing number of Android users are making the leap to the iPhone. AppleInsider was able to access the entirety of the report and relayed a few of the more notable details. Specifically,...

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Why smartphone marketshare is overrated... and not Apple's top priority

If you listen to the pundits, Apple really messed up by not making the iPhone 5c more affordable. The underlying assumption by those so quick to second guess Apple's iPhone 5c strategy is that Apple is losing the marketshare war with Android. Consequently, the reasoning goes, Apple needs to churn ou...

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iPad market share struggles in China

Research firm IDC reports that iPad shipments to China fell sharply during the second quarter of 2013, dropping from over 50 percent of the country's tablet market to only 28 percent. The iPad is still the top tablet in China, with Samsung grabbing an 11 percent share and Lenovo an 8 percent pie...

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IDC report: iPhone lost marketshare to Android in Q2 2013

According to a research report published by IDC today, Apple's share of the worldwide smartphone market took a slight dip during the second quarter of 2013. IDC's press release reads in part: "The iOS decline in the second quarter aligns with the cyclicality of iPhone," says Ramon Llamas, Resea...

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iPad sales slip as tablet market surges

The tablet market has exploded in the last year, with nearly 60 percent growth since the same quarter in 2012. This is according to new information published by the market research firm IDC on Monday. At the top of the market is Apple, thanks to strong sales of the iPad. However, while Apple is st...

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Smartphones continue to outsell feature phones but Apple share slips to three-year low

A new report from the analysts at IDC on the mobile market in Q2 2013 shows smartphones are continuing to outsell standard feature phones by a wide margin. Smartphones now account for 59 percent of mobile phones shipped. 230 million units were shipped in Q2 2013, up 47 percent from Q2 2012 when 15...

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iPhone sales in India may not be as poor as initially reported

The Times of India yesterday, citing research data from IDC, reported that iPhone sales in India have slowed down dramatically over the past few months. The research data indicated that Apple's marketshare in the country recently dropped from 4.7 percent down to 2.1 percent amidst slumping sales. As...

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Internet Trends report highlights iPad's incredible success, room for smartphone growth and more

Earlier this week, Mary Meeker unveiled her Internet Trends report and, per usual, there's a lot of interesting information to digest. The deck is 117 slides deep, but the following slides in particular are worth highlighting. For as much as people like to talk about the iPhone having reached a sat...

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Google Play app revenue up, but still a distant second to Apple App Store

A new report from Distimo, a company that provides mobile app store analytics for developers, shows that revenue for the Android-based Google Play store is up. In November 2012, revenue from Google Play made up only 19 percent of combined total revenue between the Apple App Store and Google Play...

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IDC: Tablets to outsell notebooks in 2013, all PCs in 2015

Well, that certainly didn't take long. The modern tablet, introduced by Apple with the first iPad in 2010, is completely changing the market for computing devices. IDC today released projections showing that tablet shipments will beat those of notebook computers this year, and that by 2015 more ta...

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