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You can totally buy a fake Apple Watch at CES

Apple's gadgets always get barely functional clones, but it's rare that a company actually beats Apple to the punch with a low-quality version of a device that isn't even out yet. It's rarer still that such a gadget doesn't initially show up overseas, but instead debuts right here in the U.S., a...

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Join us for the Macworld/iWorld 2014 State of Apple Technology panel liveblog

When it rains, it pours. Sure enough, it has been raining here in drought-stricken Northern California, so much so that numerous flights were delayed coming into the city yesterday. And after a drought of Apple-related liveblogs, we actually have two that will be happening simultaneously. Mike Ro...

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Draw Something turns one under Zynga's banner, celebrates 100 million downloads

It's hard to believe that it's only been one year since Draw Something debuted on the App Store. Few apps have run the full cycle of popularity faster than Draw Something, which started as a huge word-of-mouth release before being acquired by Zynga. A year later, many iOS gamers have Draw Somet...

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New version of the app wall at WWDC

I'm actually driving up to San Francisco this afternoon for WWDC (and if you're there already, be sure to make an appointment to see us sometime this week!), but one of the things that I hope to get a chance to check out is the famous "app wall," a real-time view of apps being downloaded from the...

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