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Steve Jobs introduces the Death Star

This is an idea so beautiful in its execution that you wonder why it hasn't been done before -- take Steve Jobs' rapturous introduction of the iPad, and put it over the footage from Star Wars of the Death Star briefing. It's a perfect geeky mashup -- I especially love Han Solo's indifference ("It...

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TimeXchange offers a time-tracking API

TimeXchange is a relatively new addition to the pile of available online time-tracking applications. Its current incarnation on the web is pretty standard, covering bases like multiple time entry, report and invoice creation, and Quickbooks integration. The developers have been fielding a lot of fea...

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The latest iPhone Twittering, on a map

I have a confession to make: even though I was there at the iPhone launch, I haven't actually purchased an iPhone. Yes, I'm part of that supposedly small (though I think there are quite a few of us) group of Mac fans who have chosen not to shell out $2k over the next few years to own a little piece ...

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Nike + iPod + Google Maps = Runometer

Here's something I've been wishing the Nikeplus.com site to implement itself: integration with Google Maps. Not ones to wait around for giant companies to switch on niche features, a small software company by the name of Gordian Labs has created the Runometer, a not-quite-even-beta mashup that lets ...

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