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Flipboard competitor Material goes live

Flipboard (and Google Currents, et al) competitor Material has gone live in the App Store. From a quick glance, Material look like just another magazine-type newsreader, but Material has tackled one of the biggest annoyances about newsreaders that others haven't: the setup. With most newsreaders,...

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Jonathan Ive on Apple's material obsessions

Core77 had a chat with Apple's Jonathan Ive about the iPhone 4 and the materials that it's made out of, and Ive says that the process is very holistic; Apple has really gone from start to finish with the types of metal and glass that make up the latest iPhone, and they've worked at every step of the...

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Steve Jobs of interviews past

Steve Jobs is going to appear at the latest All Things Digital conference, and to celebrate the rare appearance of the CEO outside of an Apple event, All Things Digital has posted a few historic interviews with Jobs from conferences past. The first is from 2003 (also posted after the break on this ...

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More fun with Steve's NYC cube

The saga of the NYC cube continues. For the uninitiated, the cube in question is the huge, 5 story glass cube that will adorn the upcoming Manhattan Apple Store. Steve Jobs designed the cube, and is very much in love with it. According to a report at ifoAppleStore, the titanium pieces that hold the ...

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