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SimCity to receive 'impossible' offline update, gamers roll their eyes

Remember back in March of last year when SimCity launched and, because of its online play requirement, did a faceplant? And do you also remember when the game finally found its way to OS X in August and the exact same thing happened? Of course you do, because they were both huge stories. At the ti...

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SimCity might get an offline option after all

After two fumbled launches -- one for Windows users and one for Mac -- that frustrated gamers with networking issues, SimCity might finally be getting an offline mode. A general manager for developer Maxis confirmed in a blog post that the company is indeed exploring whether an offline mode would ...

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EA reports SimCity Mac installation issues have been resolved

Yesterday was a rough day for a certain segment of Mac gamers looking to download and play SimCity on their rigs for the first time. Almost immediately after the game went live, the official SimCity forums were flooded with reports from customers unable to install the game on their systems. Devel...

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EA sues Zynga for copyright infrigement, cites Tiny Tower

EA has dropped a lawsuit on Zynga's doorstep, claiming that one of Zynga's latest Facebook games, called The Ville, is essentially an infringing copy of EA's popular The Sims. You can read through the entire complaint at Scribd. What's most interesting about this whole case -- other than two co...

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TUAW at E3: The Sims 3 for iPhone

The Sims 3 pretty faithfully recreates the Sims experience on Apple's handhelds, albeit in a more streamlined version. While the handheld port avoids a lot of the new complexity of the latest PC release, the core Sims experience is still here -- you can create a Sim, give it a personality and a ho...

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Will Wright: Mac users will love Spore

Well, who won't, right? If you haven't read a single gaming blog this week (you serious worker bee, you), then you may not have heard the big news: Will Wright's rumored-to-be-a-masterpiece Spore has gotten a release date. It's hitting stores (for both PC and Mac simultaneously-- now that's what I l...

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