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Foursquare 7 introduces a scannable redesign and smarter location recommendations for users

For people who live in big cities where there's simply too much for one person to take in by themselves, Foursquare can be a blessing. It can be a way to build a curated list of recommendations based on which places have brought joy to your friends, maybe find a good discount and, most importantly...

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Tim Cook meets with mayor of Beijing

Tim Cook was spotted in a Beijing Apple store on Monday and a report from a Chinese newspaper says the Apple CEO also met with Guo Jinlong, mayor of Beijing, later that day. Details about the meeting are not known, but it is thought he talked about market expansion and working more closely in t...

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Yelp updates with check-ins, Foursquare not happy

Location-based social networking on the iPhone is a tough game to play, apparently -- the popular Yelp app [iTunes link] has recently updated to version 4.0, and along with a friend finder, hooks to Facebook and Twitter, and an updated version of their augmented reality Monocle feature, they've add...

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