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Chris Ware releases iPad-only comic via McSweeney's app

Chris Ware is an amazing cartoonist out of Chicago, and he's done a lot of work with McSweeney's, the literary journal run by novelist Dave Eggers and his company. Now, Ware has released an iPad-only comic, released inside the McSweeney's app, and co-developed with Spaces of Play, the studio be...

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McSweeney's revamps iOS app, now universal with a bookstore

I've said before that I'm a huge fan of McSweeney's, the publishing group founded by author Dave Eggers. The company has had an iPhone app for a while, but it recently updated to a universal version, so now all of that great content (from daily posts to various blogs, books, and the eponymous quart...

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McSweeney's offers up some more

McSweeney's is, generally, a publication that you either 'get' or dislike. I am usually very entertained by the various trips into the absurd that McSweeney's affords readers, so I was quit tickled when Eric sent us a link to this. Tom Batten offers up 3 ideas for new 'Get a Mac' commercials. I don...

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