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TiVo asks customers about live iPad streaming

As Engadget notes, TiVo has launched a survey asking current customers if they'd like to be able to "stream live TV, DVR recordings and TV shows from a cable company's On Demand library to one's iPad." The survey asks users how they would feel about about both streaming video from their TiVo while...

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Simplify Media, a Mac favorite, bought by Google

We were wondering what happened to Simplify Media, the well-regarded software that offers your Mac ubiquitous access to your DRM-free music and photos via iTunes, an iPhone or iPod touch. In March, we reported that the company was "heading in a different direction," which turned out to be a sale ...

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Boo Hoo! SimplifyMedia dropping products and changing direction

The problem is, we just don't know where they're going. In a Saturday blog post, the company announced it is "...taking a new direction" and won't be offering their current apps to new users. SimplifyMedia has been offering free software for computer-to-computer and iPhone-to-computer music shari...

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