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QuikIO improves its media-streaming services in version 3.0

We looked at QuikIO earlier this year, and the file-sharing and media-streaming service has really evolved in the past few months. The company is placing an emphasis on media and is beefing up its streaming features by slimming them down. QuikIO lets you connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac so...

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Boxee offers sneak peek at iPad app in London

Boxee showed off its iPad app at a small East London gathering this week. The new app is not yet available, but those who attended the sold out event got a sneak peek of what Boxee has in store for its iPad users. Boxee is home theater PC software that runs on a Windows, Mac, or Linux compute...

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Adobe plans to add HTTP Live Streaming to Flash Media Server to support iOS

Adobe showcased several new and upcoming features of its Flash Media Server during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show last week. One interesting feature for media producers who plan to target iOS users is the eventual addition of the iPhone-friendly HTTP Live Streaming to t...

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Boo Hoo! SimplifyMedia dropping products and changing direction

The problem is, we just don't know where they're going. In a Saturday blog post, the company announced it is "...taking a new direction" and won't be offering their current apps to new users. SimplifyMedia has been offering free software for computer-to-computer and iPhone-to-computer music shari...

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