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Apple introduces VIP discounts for iBooks publishers

Some sharp eyes have once again discovered something new and cool in Apple-land. Apple appears to be offering rather hefty discounts to some (possibly all) iBooks publishers as part of a new iTunes VIP program. Information is still developing on this front. Made available through iTunes Conne...

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iPad now on sale at Sam's Club

Not only can you buy a jar full of more pickles than a human could ever eat, you can also now pick up an iPad at your local Sam's Club. Apple's magical and revolutionary device has been spotted on shelves at Sam Walton's big box supply store, and pretty cheap, too -- you can get a 16GB Wi-Fi model ...

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Scanning wallet cards into the iPhone

This is pretty much genius. Like Albert, I have a bunch of "membership cards" in my wallet -- they're those cards with a barcode or number on them that you get from places like the local grocery store, or some other retailer. They're useful to have around, but they tend to pile up after a while, a...

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Daring Fireball feed goes free

John Gruber's Daring Fireball is probably my favorite Mac blog out there (save for the ol' TUAW, of course)-- it was one of the first I started reading, and he consistently provides not only great insight on Apple products and policies (and journalists' treatment of them), but a strong, often funny ...

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MacHeist has begun, TUAW has 250 invites to give away

MacHeist, the next software marketing brainchild of Phill Ryu (you might know him from such events as My Dream App), has begun. As you'll remember, it's an invite-only event (though you can try signing up to snag your own), and I have just received the first mission. Due to its top secret nature, my...

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John Gruber releases new Daring Fireball t-shirts, quits day job

John Gruber has answered the call for more Daring Fireball t-shirts and released two new designs (pictured) in addition to his original (not pictured). As before, purchasing one shirt for $29 (shipping included) will also score you a one year membership to full RSS and Linked List feeds, but now you...

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