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Doge Blast is wow such fun

Doge Blast is a silly casual game filled with references to popular video games, movies, memes, and other geekery. That great meme dog Doge is the hero in Doge Blast and players launch Doge from a cannon into a crazy world brimming with ceiling cats, evil raccoons, and basement horses. Think of ...

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Harlem Shake open-sourced for iOS apps

The Harlem Shake YouTube dance meme, if you ask me, ended about three weeks ago -- which I think was right around when it started. But that hasn't stopped the developers at Velos Mobile from creating an open-source Objective-C class for iOS projects that will take all of an app's standard UIVie...

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Steve Jobs movie poster contest inspires Photoshop artists

Steve Rubel tipped me off to this Photoshop contest/iPod giveaway that was held over at Mike Davidson's blog. The contest appears to be over now but the images that Mike's readers spawned are destined to live on. The theme of the "Mike Industries iPod Creativity Competition of 2005" was to...

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