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Flipop is a colorful memory game with gratifying bonuses

Flipop is a game that puts your memory to the test. The tiles unleash a world of color that's flipped over and hidden until you tap two matching colors and rack up points. They drop out of the grid when matched, leaving room for coins and other goodies to enter for some sweet bonuses. After match...

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War Memory: A Battle To Remember is somewhat forgettable

War Memory: A Battle To Remember ranks among the most literal titles for any game in history. This game, which is free to users of iOS 6.0 (or later) on the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone, takes the classic exercise of flipping over panels that display various shapes on the hidden side, in order to ...

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3 simple ways to clear up "other" memory on your iOS device

The truth of the 16GB iPhone and iPad is that they really don't have 16GB of usable space, it's more like 12GB. With storage at a premium and a whole wonderful world of apps just waiting at your finger tips you've probably found yourself looking at your iPhone memory information and quietly cursed...

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How to upgrade the memory of the Mac mini (Late 2012)

When I bought my Mac mini a few months ago, I picked it up at my local Apple Store rather than ordering it directly from the company. Because of this, it came with the default 4GB of RAM onboard rather than one of the larger amounts the computer supports. There are probably plenty of mini buyers i...

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Evernote releases Evernote Business

Evernote is rolling along with new products lately. The company just revamped its Mac and iOS clients, and here's a brand-new creation called Evernote Business. The core Evernote service is designed to track notes, photos and other various ephemera for an individual mind, but Evernote Business ...

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Nvidia's Quadro K5000 GPU coming to a Mac Pro near you, and it's fast

Graphics card maker Nvidia has announced that its brand new Quadro K5000 GPU will be available inside of Apple's Mac Pro computers, and Engadget recently got a chance to see the new cards in action. The cards will offer 4 GB of graphics memory and some superfast performance, and will be able to...

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It's the 57th anniversary of Steve Jobs's birth

Today would have been Steve Jobs's 57th birthday. In memoriam of the man who inspired us to think different, we've assembled a few of Jobs's most memorable moments. Get out the tissues as we remember the life and achievements of the Apple co-founder in the videos below. For even more memories, you...

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Unity 3.5 available now, with new effects and performance updates

There are quite a few ways to make and build iPhone and iPad apps and games, but one of the most popular tools to create iOS games is the Unity engine, and that system has released version 3.5. The new version offers a number of improvements and upgrades, with lots of new particle and lighting and...

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iSuppli: Apple iCloud could affect NAND Flash market

Apple's upcoming iCloud service could have a negative effect on the NAND Flash market says IHS iSuppli. The market research firm suggests a change from phone and computer-based storage to online storage could lessen demand for flash memory in the future. Of course, iCloud in its current from is a...

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Scientific study shows internet use changes human memory

The internet has fundamentally affected the way people access and store information, and many people (myself included) have wondered if it's also changing the way our minds work. According to the New York Times, a recently published scientific paper shows that we are indeed changing the way we ...

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OWC introduces 8 GB RAM modules for 2011 MacBooks

If, like many who've just purchased one of the brand new MacBook Pros released last week, you still have US$1,600 rattling around in your change purse, OWC have just the thing for you - a pair of 8 GB SODIMMs. A 16 GB memory upgrade is just what you need to give your shiny new MacBook the oomph...

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Rumor: iPhone 5 to have 64 GB?

Recently-revealed engineering samples of iPhone 4s have been found to have 64 GB of memory -- see picture above from Unwire, and this M.I.C. Gadget story -- showing that there's no physical reason why the iPhone 5 couldn't have this much memory. The iPad 2 has already been criticised for stic...

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Some 2008 MacBooks, MacBook Pros can accept 8 GB of RAM

Older Core 2 Duo MacBook and MacBook Pros from late 2008 may support 8 GB of RAM, according to hardware parts vendor Other World Computer. Other World Computer discovered that a newer version of the EFI, when combined with an updated Boot ROM, would let the computer use the full 8 GB of RAM wit...

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A call for more storage in iOS devices

Back in the olden days, when I bought my first Disk ][ to hang onto my Apple ][ Plus, I was amazed at how much the 140KB floppy drive could store. After using it for a while, I was sure that it was big enough to hold every program I'd ever buy, and most of the programs my kids would need as well. No...

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Analyst: Flash memory makes MacBook Air more profitable than bigger laptops

We already know the MacBook Air is thinner than most laptops, but it turns out that the stack of money it makes Apple isn't. An analyst named Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co. says that the flash memory in the MacBook Air is one of the big places that Apple makes its money on the machine, report...

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