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Wordpress for iOS gets a new user interface

The Wordpress app for iOS has been updated again, and it features a brand-new interface for browsing, writing and editing posts on the popular blogging platform. As you can see above, the new interface apes Facebook's "side menu" (as have a few other big apps lately), and the update also fixes s...

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Found Footage: Sharp says 'sushi please' on iPad

Lots of visual content, quick transactions, and hungry customers: that's what Sharp has in mind with this proof of concept sushi menu application for iPad. Rather than putting diners through the chore of tracking down their favorite rolls and sashimi in a multipage laminated paper menu, the app ...

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SecondBar puts your menu bar on a second monitor

The menu bar is a quintessential piece of the Mac "experience." On the left, it shows all of the menu items for the currently active application; on the right, it shows icons from various menu bar application programs: the date/time, WiFi status, MobileMe sync status, and many, many more. The who...

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What's that menu item mean on my Mac?

Ever since you've started using your Mac, you've been looking at those icons towards the top right of your display in your menu bar. These items can direct to many different things, from connecting to a wireless network, to finding items on your Mac. These items not only can be clicked on to show a...

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Mac 101: The Menu Bar

Welcome back to Mac 101, our series of tips for new and novice Mac users. In the Mac operating system, the term "menu bar" refers to the the horizontal bar at the top of the screen that generally has a little picture of an apple on the left end, the time of day on the right and words like "File",...

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TUAW Tip: Use Help to select menu items in Leopard

Over at Mac OS X Hints I recently ran into this doozy of a hint that I somehow missed on its first go around. Basically the idea is to capitalize on a great new feature in Leopard's help. You can get to any menu item without your mouse by activating the help menu with the keyboard shortcut ??? + ? ...

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iPod Classic and Nano get updated to 1.0.2

iTunes has an update for the new iPod Classic and the new Nanos, and while the update doesn't have a description at all, MacRumors sez: Improved CoverFlow Quicker menus And the much awaited video out fix, among a few other interface tweaks Apparently there's a new option that will "Ask" use...

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Mac 101: Remove unwanted menu extras

Sure, those little icon utility menus on the right side of the screen -- displays, sound, Airport, etc. -- are handy, but do I really need the Displays icon there for a desktop screen that never changes size, or the Modem icon when I've got broadband? While you can deactivate most of these through a...

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Colorize your Menu bar

I'm not a huge fan of color in the menu bar, but that probably stems from the fact that I'm not a huge fan of color in the rest of my operating environment (and why I use the graphite visual style). However, it seems that there are a good many people want their OS to look like it was made by Fischer...

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iTMS browser navigation and history works like Safari

A macosxhints post details how browsing the iTMS (as some might assume) works quite a bit like Safari. The poster discovered that clicking and holding on either the forward or back button in the iTMS will reveal a drop-down history menu. This ought to make browsing a bit easier for the chronic iTMS ...

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Enable a slick Constellation menu in Quicksilver ?49

Macintalk has posted a how-to on enabling a really slick Constellation menu plugin for Quicksilver β49. Granted, this menu is quite a bit of eye candy, but if you follow Macintalk's post all the way through and assign this menu to a hotkey, it then becomes a bit of really handy eye candy. Keep ...

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CamiScript 4.0

CamiScript, the script menu plugin for Camino, has been updated to version 4.0. This isn't quite a landmark release that enables Camino to fly around your room or tell you the future (besides, some day, the latter will be Google's job), but this new version does bring one big handy new feature: the ...

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Unsanity's ClearDock and Menu Master go Universal

Hot on the heels of brining Universal status to their Application Enhancer, Unsanity has released UB versions of ClearDock (free) and Menu Master ($10). ClearDock, as you might glean from the name, is a one-trick pony that can strip the dock of its transparent background or allow you to adjust the b...

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Get a map from any app with MappingService

Like Tim Gaden over at Hawk Wings, I too love Mac OS X's highly underrated Services menu, and Robert Stainsby has released a very handy addition to it: MappingService. This clever service allows you to select an address from any application, say a website, a document or an IM, and simply chose 'Map...

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Service Scrubber is Universal

I'm not sure when it turned, but Service Scrubber has become a Universal Binary. We've mentioned this slick utility before, but in case you're unfamiliar, Service Scrubber allows you to do three fundamental things with that powerful, but seldom used, Services menu underneath your active Application ...

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