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Bartender will hide your menu bar icons, goes to version 1.0

Bartender is a simple but excellent little app that lets you control that flood of icons up in your menu bar on the top of your OS X window. Now, designer Ben Surtees, who we spoke with earlier this year about where the app came from, has released version 1.0.2 of the app, officially releasing ...

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Clutter, clarity or random apps: What's on your Menu Bar?

Yesterday, our editor-in-chief Victor Agreda wrote about an app called Bartender for his Friday Favorite. It's an app that lets you further organize your Menu Bar items if you happen to have a few too many. That stirred up some interest around the newsroom about what we have in our individual M...

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Friday Favorite: Bartender

There comes a time in a power user's life when the number of his menu bar applications exceeds the amount of real estate in the menu bar, a condition made worse by primary applications with a lot of menus. The cure for this? A handy little app, which is still undergoing testing, called Bartende...

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Daily Mac App: Simple Skip Tunes feels like it should be part of OS X

We've tested a few menubar music remotes in the past, and there's not that much difference among them. What makes Skip Tunes different is its simplicity. It operates on the minimalist principle. It controls iTunes, Spotify or Rdio. Instead of getting a lengthy menu like with some apps, Skip Tunes d...

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Daily Mac App: Brightness Slider

Using a Mac laptop at night is great thanks to automatic-brightness controls and a backlit keyboard. Trouble is that sometimes even the lowest setting is too bright for midnight screen gazing. That's where Brightness Slider comes in. It's a menu bar utility that lets you adjust the screen's b...

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Daily Mac App: FormatMatch

Copying and pasting text is something everyone does. In OS X you have two choices by default -- copy and paste, which retains formatting; or paste and match style, which strips out the source formatting. If you're like me, you almost never want the source formatting. Cmd+V is the shortcut for...

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Daily Mac App: Starred

If you're a Gmail user who leverages more than the simple mail potential of Google's email service, you'll know how valuable labels, stars and other organizational features are. Trouble is, to take advantage of them you normally have to resort to using the Gmail web app in its various guises,...

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Daily Mac App: CPU LED

Recently I've become a bit obsessed with CPU usage. Not because my 2011 MacBook Pro is underpowered -- far from it with its Quad-core Core i7. My concern is that the CPU generates an absolute bucket load of heat. CPU LED is a fantastic little menu bar tool for keeping an eye on your CPU load....

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Daily Mac App: gfxCardStatus

Some newer MacBook Pros have been packing dual graphics cards for a while now, with the ability to dynamically switch between them -- integrated for battery life and discrete for performance. It's often tricky to know which card is currently in use as the switch between the two is seamless. Tha...

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Daily Mac App: Sunset

Sometimes your screen is just too bright in the evenings. For the sake of your eyes, Sunset lets you reduce the brightness of your monitor below that of the standard brightness controls and without having to adjust the backlight. If you reduce the brightness of your screen using the on-board ...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: QuitAppsMBI

Quitting apps quickly can be a pain. If you've got loads open, but you want to quit them all fast, the best way has been Cmd+Tab then Cmd+Q. Now, the free QuitsAppsMBI app makes quitting some or all of your apps a breeze. A menu bar utility, QuitsAppsMBI sits patiently waiting for your comman...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Music Commander

Controlling iTunes with the keyboard is easy enough, but what if you want a little more information without having to resort to the full iTunes window? Music Commander is here to help. Sitting in the menu bar, Music Commander allows you to control iTunes with an extensive drop-down menu. You'...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Quiet

We've covered apps that help you focus by masking other windows in the background in the past. Quiet is another app that will blank out distractions and help you stick to the task at hand. You can configure keyboard shortcuts or use the drop-down menu from the menu bar icon to enter and ex...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: CloudApp

Sharing small files via email is easy with attachments. But what about sharing files via IM, Twitter, Facebook or the myriad of other services? That's where the incredibly simple CloudApp comes in. CloudApp sits in your menu bar waiting to upload files to the cloud, ready for sharing with fri...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Caffeine

Caffeine, like a shot of coffee at night, keeps your Mac awake and your screen bright. We first covered it a few years ago. A tiny menu bar utility, Caffeine prevents your Mac from activating the screen saver or sleeping when idle. Presenting as a cup of coffee, the icon indicates whether Ca...

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