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iPhone apps we crave

Well, Merlin, you did ask. Having listed some imaginary iPhone apps he'd like to see, Merlin Mann asked the world: "What's the iPhone app you crave?" Hmm, let me see now - I've got a little list. Avant Go: A fantastic portable newsagent, in which you could download whole chunks of your favourit...

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Party with TUAW at WWDC

Monday, June 11 is going to be a big day. Oh sure, Jobs and Co. are going to lay some heavy fun stuff on us in the morning. And that afternoon the blogosphere will implode, and Engadget will liveblog the whole thing. But the night will host the very first second official TUAW meetup. What better pla...

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Merlin shows us the Quicksilver comma trick

The ubiquitous internet gadfly, and productivity guru, Merlin Mann recently launched yet another online venture: The Merlin Show. The first five episodes have nothing to do with Apple (though they are interesting), however, the latest episode covers a TUAW favorite, Quicksilver. Merlin shows us how ...

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My Dream App voting round 2

The second round of voting is under way over at My Dream App. Vote and let your voice be heard! Plus, when you vote you get a free copy of Mori, Hog Bay Software's document organizer. This round's judges are the cream of the crop of Mac bloggers including John Siracusa of Ars Technica, John Gruber ...

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43 Folders on timing apps

Are you an alpha geek? Do you need to schedule every activity on your Mac with military precision? Well then, Merlin Mann is probably some sort of god to you. Therefore it stands to reason that you would be interested in his take on Meridian and Flextime which are two timing applications. I am not n...

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6 semi-obscure Quicksilver plugins from 43Folders

Merlin Mann, who won't rest until everything is done, has listed 6 plugins for, TUAW favorite, Quicksilver that you might not be aware of. There are a few that I hadn't heard of (and I thought I knew everything) so head on over to his post and check 'em out. Word of warning: constellation menus have...

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