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iOS 8 Messages app to see host of enhancements and long-awaited improvements

Messages in iOS 8 will be receiving a number compelling enhancements that should make the most frequently used app in iOS all the more useful. Here is a rundown of what users can look forward to. One of the more novel additions to Messages is the ability to seamlessly send voice messages without ...

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Apple goes after app news release for being 'at odds' with 'entire reason Apple exists'

Apple took a dislike recently to a press release announcing the availability of a new app. After Tim Cook passed this week on a question about sharing solutions across iCloud, the CEO of a company making an app named Glide, Donald Leka, sent out a press release for his app stating that "consumer...

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Mailbox for iPhone targets the "broken to-do list" of email

Feeling oppressed by your inbox? Struggling under the weight of unread messages? You're not alone. With half a billion results for "manage my/your email" there's obviously a need for help. Now add in the new wrinkle: many of us are interacting with email primarily or exclusively via our mobile de...

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FunMail adds instant images to Facebook status & MMS

At the risk of invoking a round of reader rage, I'll admit that I've never really been that hyped on the idea of MMS on the iPhone (and, by the way, get off my lawn). If I want to send someone a picture, I've got their email address; I'll just send them a picture. No big whoop. I do have some fri...

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Smule's Zephyr sends snowy messages around the world

As much as I hate to do it, I'm always willing to admit when I'm wrong, and I was wrong about Ocarina. Not about the app itself, per se -- I still think it's one of the silliest, most pointless apps I've seen on the App Store. But it has been nothing but popular since its release, so apparently lots...

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A rule for catching image spam

It seems that I'm not the only one being inflicted with a new wave of image spam, as Bill Benson, a MacInTouch reader, has posted his rule solution for this junk that seems to so easily elude's filters. Tim Gaden at Hawk Wings, also a victim, elaborates on how to set up this rule, as a tri...

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Details of upcoming Thunderbird 2.0 release

Hawk Wings has tracked down some details on a tantalizing v2.0 update to Thunderbird, Mozilla's email client. New features at the top of my list are message tagging, a tabbed message viewer and a built-in notification system. It's great to see more developers bringing the tagging paradigm to email, ...

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iChat Extender - tweak iTunes status message, chat bubbles

iChat Extender is a little app that lets you tweak various settings of iChat that unfortunately don't have a pref pane of their own. Features such as the format of the 'iTunes now playing' status message and the style of chat bubbles can easily be adjusted with this handy and free app. For more fun ...

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Gmail-Growl Utility 1.7

The Gmail-Growl Utility that adds some seriously handy features to Google's official Gmail Notifier has been updated with a functionality face-lift and some fixes. It now has an option to toggle on/off Growl notifications for those times when you just need silence, and in Mac OS X Tiger you can now ...

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Gmail Notifier does message tooltips

This is certainly a minor tip at best, but I thought it was handy enough for a mention: the official Gmail Notifier does message tooltips, as you can see in my screencap. Hold your mouse over a new message in the list and you'll receive a little tooltip containing the first line or two of the messa...

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Make a Delivery Automator app

I haven't tested this yet, but Make a Delivery sounds like a handy little Automator action that will create a .dmg file from the Finder items you have selected, then attach that .dmg to an email. One quirky thing, however, is that you have to move a resource folder into your Applications directory; ...

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TUAW Tip: keep a message open when replying

Today's tip involves a hint I found that I thought was just too handy not to mention. If you use and you open some messages in their own window, you might have noticed that if you hit reply, the original message disappears in favor of your new message composition window. Understand...

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The Hidden Message to OSx86 Trawlers

In the MacBook Pro's version of OSx86, in /System/Library/Extensions lies a little message in a kernel extension for would-be readers: <key>_name</key><string>Dont Steal Mac OS X[...]<string>Copyright (c) 2006 Apple Computer, Inc.  All rights reserved.<string>The p...

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Gmail Notifier updated, offers opening of Gmail messages

Growl is a utility that, like the drunkenbatman, has become a necessity in my daily work. As far as email is concerned, even though I can't bring myself to ditch and Address Book completely due to device synchronization issues, Gmail has certainly found its place in my daily tool-belt as we...

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