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Sir, I don't think we service that device any longer

In the age of Retina displays and App Stores, Apple's MessagePad -- lovingly referred to as the "Newton," after its OS -- isn't a terribly capable device. It was axed from the company's lineup shortly after Steve Jobs returned to the company, but Apple would return to the personal-gadget-with-a-to...

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Jony Ive's first design project at Apple

Thanks to a seemingly endless string of iconic products, Apple design guru Jony Ive's name has long been synonymous with award-winning industrial design. When one thinks of Ive's greatest creations, it's only natural to conjure up products created in the Steve Jobs part-deux era, beginning, of cou...

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Origin Stories: Steve Sande

I certainly didn't start my career with plans to become a blogger and editor at one of the world's most active Apple websites. When I was a child dreaming about a future career path, computer science barely registered on the "What I want to do when I grow up" list since only corporations owned roo...

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A hands-on reconsideration of the Newton

Harry McCracken over at TIME Techland has written a beautiful piece about a 20-year-old piece of technology that was ahead of its time -- Apple's Newton MessagePad. As he notes, it was twenty years ago this week that Apple CEO John Sculley introduced the Newton to the public at a CES show in Ch...

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In which Steve once again predicts the future: the Newton and the iPhone

AllThingsD has an interesting story on their site about the Newton and a few specifics on the end of its short life. At the 1997 Worldwide Developer Conference (held the year Steve returned to Apple), Steve was asked about the Newton, and he said, "...if somebody would just make a little thing whe...

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Tweeting from a Newton

Getting old technology to do new things in a creative way is fun. Take, for example, Tony Kan of the My Apple Newton blog who details how he uses twittermail, to send tweets via email and Twitter's now defunct RSS feed to receive his incoming feed. Though Twitter no longer supports RSS, the link ...

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Apple Newton to be reborn as iPhone case

Isn't it nice when siblings get along? Here's an idea for using a dead, hollowed-out Newton Message Pad as an Phone case. Case hacker Charles Mangin has had success with other projects, like the Mac Plus G4, the Mac mini stuffed into an Apple Disk II floppy drive and the iNewt. So far he's only comp...

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