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Group Text+ and Email+: New from developer Contrast

Developer Contrast today delivered two new iOS apps to the App Store, Group Text+ (US$1.99 during launch) and Email+ ($2.99). The idea behind these new apps? In the case of Group Text+, making it fast and easy to send SMS or iMessage texts to a group of recipients. For Email+, it's all about sending...

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iOS 8 is here! Read our complete guide to Apple's new mobile OS

Over the past several weeks, TUAW bloggers have been trying out all of the new features in iOS 8 to see how they work and how they'll make your mobile life easier. Now that iOS 8 is officially available, here's a list of all of our detailed write-ups of the new features. While you're waiting for i...

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iOS 8 Messages app feature: Sending and sharing your location

iOS 8 is getting closer every day. For those of us who have been using the developer betas for the past several months, it's been fun to see the glitches being worked out, watch performance getting better, and to start making use of the new features. Over the past several days we've looked at the ...

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iOS 8 Messages app feature: Video messages

Yesterday we showed you one of the fun new features of the iOS 8 Messages app -- Audio messages. But did you know that iOS 8 also brings you video messages? It's even more fun, and potentially more useful. To quickly send a fast video message to a friend or associate, launch the Messages app and ta...

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A new iOS 8 Messages app feature: Audio messages

One of the features you're going to love in iOS 8 will keep you from doing a lot of typing or dictation to get your messages across, and that's the new audio messages capability in the Messages app. After launching the new Messages app and tapping the New Message button, the first obvious sign that...

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iOS 8 real time voice-to-text feature looks incredible

One of the downsides of using iOS' dictation feature for taking notes is having to wait until your note is done to see that your message was accurately transcribed. While iOS 7 features real-time transcription in Siri, the feature has yet to make it to iOS messaging. That's going to change with iO...

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Mac 101: Send a message with a screen grab quickly through OS X Notification Center

OS X's Notification Center is great for receiving incoming alerts, but you also can use the panel to compose a quick message and send it via the Messages app. Even more useful is the ability to add a screen grab right along with your text, making it perfect for those "you gotta see this" moments. ...

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Mac 101: How to add images to an iMessage

Adding images to an iMessage on your iPhone is easy to do as there is a "camera" icon right next to the message composition field. On the Mac, though, this option is not readily apparent, leaving many desktop users scratching their head when they want to add a simple image to a message they are wr...

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Add a paragraph using Mac Messages without sending the message

If you are used to Messages in iOS, you may have a problem using Messages on your Mac. Creating a new paragraph in a message on an iPhone or iPad is easy: Press the return key and you've got a new paragraph. That certainly makes for a nice organized and easy-to-read message. Try the same thing usin...

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Easy fix for pesky iOS 7 Messages bug

It's always "fun" to experience an issue just before a fix for it appears in our TUAW newsroom. In this case, I was receiving iMessages from my wife, but she wasn't seeing mine. Fearing that the worst had happened and I had been run over by a truck (while sitting at my desk), she called me. It turns...

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Chatology for Mac lets you easily search Message histories

Flexibits has released Chatology for Mac (US$19.99), which lets you search your Messages chat history with great ease and success. Its looks will make it familiar to just about anyone who's used a Mac within the last ten years and and its integration with Messages is just lovely. Say goodbye to Ap...

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iMessage bug may be truncating last word of specific phrases

The Verge directs our attention to an extremely curious bug in iMessage which works to erase the last word of certain sent messages. The end result is that some messages appear truncated to both the sender and the recipient. For example, two phrases which bring the issue to light include "I coul...

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Orange Libon adds picture messaging to iOS app

Libon is a messaging app backed by the European cell provider Orange that's making its way over to Android today, offering free calls, messaging and visual voicemail to smartphones on that side of the platform fence. But there's important news for us iOS users as well, as the app has also added...

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Project Amy integrates private messages, Apple's Messages

If you use and Apple's Messages on OS X, you're going to want to take a look at Project Amy. The project is the brainchild of Steve Streza and was released at the hackathon that took place last night. It allows users to integrate private messaging with Messages on OS X. M...

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If Messages on OS X 'can't connect,' check your serial number

Messages recently stopped working on my iMac. Suddenly it said that it could not connect. More specifically, I could not use Apple's iMessage service. I could use AIM or Google Talk, but iMessage was the service that I wanted to use. (Note: When I refer to 'Messages' I mean the actual appli...

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