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Photo Stats tells you where and how you are using your iPhone camera

Photo Stats is a cool little US$0.99 iPhone app that provides statistics on your photo-taking habits, like number of photos taken, storage they occupy, frequent shoot locations and more. While none of the supplied information is of the "mission critical" variety, I found them interesting. Your co...

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Drowning in information? Tags can help

If you're anything like me you have lots and lots of information. Endless folders and files are scattered about, and while Spotlight in Mac OS X is very helpful, it's not a perfect fit for every situation. One solution I've found very helpful is Tags, from Gravity Apps. Our own Brett Terpstra took a...

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iPhone image metadata hints at more cameras on the next iPhone

Well, this is interesting. Our twitter follower @chenks points out that, hidden in the metadata of a picture taken with his OS 4.0-enabled iPhone, there is a title stating that the picture came from the phone's "Back Camera." Of course, if the phone currently has a back camera, there's a possibility...

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iPhone usage metric for Flickr drops big time

We've posted before how popular the iPhone is as a camera on Flickr, with people uploading tons of photos, both shot by and straight from the iPhone. But now, The Next Web has covered a huge drop in photos referencing the iPhone over on the popular photo sharing site. The suspected culprit? Flickr ...

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Mac 101: Learn more about your files at a glance

Welcome to another edition of Mac 101, TUAW's series for beginners. Today, we show you how to get more bang for your desktop real-estate buck with Finder icon labels. Have you ever wanted to know how large a picture on your Desktop was, but didn't want to open it (or even just hit ⌘I to get info)? O...

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The iPhone's camera jumping up in the Flickr ratings

This makes sense when you think about it, but it just seems really wild to me: in the list of Flickr's most popular cameras (compiled from the metadata attached to any photos that upload to the popular site), our favorite cell phone is climbing up the ranks. In fact, it had just recently overtaken...

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First Look: TuneUp for Mac now ready to tackle your iTunes disorganization

Despite the presence of a checkbox to "keep iTunes library organized" in the application's preferences, the fact remains that iTunes tracks -- coming from a plethora of sources and of varying vintage, and sometimes numbering in the thousands -- are a black hole of bad metadata. Track and performer n...

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Win a license for video catalog tool Frameline 47

If you're like me, your professional or personal efforts toward video organization nirvana have been less than fruitful over the years. With video files spread across multiple formats and multiple storage locations, keeping everything readily available and tagged for reuse is a giant pain. On the c...

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VideoDrive: easy iTunes video importing and tagging

In a recent Ask TUAW we addressed a question about getting divx video files to register properly as TV Shows in Front Row. In the discussion that followed one of our readers suggested VideoDrive as an easy way of accomplishing this. Basically, VideoDrive allows you to import your videos into iTunes ...

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Ringtonator, a GUI for the ringtone hack

Last night, Joe sent us a GUI app he put together for Cleverboy's ringtone hack we posted yesterday. Ringtonator is a drag-and-drop application that will turn any AAC file into an iTunes/iPhone ringtone, or vice versa. One caveat-- while this program doesn't require a separate install of AtomicParsl...

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RapidoMap: slick geocoding for free

We've previously covered quite a few different applications to geocode your photos. Geocoding or geotagging is the process of adding location information (latitude and longitude) to the EXIF metadata of your photos, so you can see where they were taken. RapidoMap is one of the newest of these tools ...

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yFlicks: the 'iPhoto for your movies' is 40% off at MacZOT today only

Geeze, those MacZOT guys either have strangely coincidental timing, or I need to consider changing the locks on my house. This is either the second or third time that I discovered and thoroughly enjoyed an app, only to find it go on sale at MacZOT the next day (i.e. - I'm buying a license as I ty...

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Mac Whine: Spotlight's disconnected image results

It's no secret that Spotlight needs a bit of work catch up to 2007. Users far and wide complain that it can grind to a halt all too quickly after firing up a fresh install of Mac OS X, and even though Apple has some good tips for Spotlight power users, it still just isn't quite *there* yet. So, t...

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Working with Metadata views in Aperture

Aperture is Apple's tool designed for professional photographers who take lots and lots of pictures. As such, handling metadata is an important part of any workflow involving Aperture. James Duncan Davidson has some tricks to help you get the metadata you need into Aperture as quickly as possible. I...

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iTunes AppleScript to batch edit video metadata

iTunes 7 ushered in some great new video metadata, but editing this information, especially when in batches, can sometimes be a pain. For example: iTunes can differentiate between "movies" and "tv shows," (just check your Sources list on the left) but trying to select 14 episodes of an Aqua Teen Hun...

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