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Black Friday research shows big iOS impact

In the lull between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there's time for reflection (and a few remaining hours to enter our Mega Giveaway of accessories, gadgets and device cases). While the Talkcast is taking a Sunday night off for turkey digestion, there's still interesting issues to discuss. For the ...

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iPhone estimated to have generated $150 billion in revenue globally

Apple's iPhone launched five years ago this week and to say it has been successful is an understatement. Based on a Strategy Analytics report cited by AppleInsider, Apple has shipped 250 million iPhones cumulatively worldwide and has generated US$150 billion in revenue from these shipments. "Th...

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Track US new iPad adoption in real time

Do you wonder how many new iPads will be lovingly opened and used to browse the Internet today? To find the answer, head to Chitika's website where you will find a tracking page set up for the third generation iPad. As noted by BGR, the tracker looks for both the user agent string of the new iP...

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Burstly acquires TestFlight, builds "TestFlight Live"

TestFlight and Burstly shook up the developer world today when the pair confirmed that TestFlight has been acquired by Burstly. TestFlight is a platform that lets developers distribute test builds of their apps to a beta audience; while Burstly is platform that helps developers track and monetize ...

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iOS ends 2011 with 52% of mobile Web browsing

iOS began 2011 by grabbing more than half of the mobile browser market share and ended 2011 equally strong. According to mobile web browsing data from Net Applications, which counts unique visitors to its network of websites, iOS accounted for 54.07% of the mobile browser market in January 2011...

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Report suggests Apple slipping in handset rankings

Last quarter was a transition quarter for Apple and its iPhone. Sales of the 18-month-old iPhone 4 fell slightly as the company prepared to introduce the iPhone 4S. This slowdown caused Apple to slip to fifth place in the global handset market and to the number two slot in the global smartphone...

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NPD suggests Apple had another record Mac quarter

A new report from NPD says that Apple has probably done it again, racking up yet another quarter of record Mac sales. NPD puts the number of Macs sold at 4.2 million, which would be a year-over-year gain of 12%, and make for the best record Apple's Mac sales have ever had. US Mac sales in g...

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Study reveals Apple surpasses RIM in US smartphone share

Apple is now the #2 mobile platform in the US with 26.6% market share. Apple rose 1.4 percentage points and inched past RIM which now holds 24.7% of the US market. Similar to Apple, Android also gained market share grabbing another 5.1 percentage points to climb to 38.1% market share. Rim took ...

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iOS devices popular on surveyed restaurant Wi-Fi networks

Meraki is a networking company that installs Wi-Fi networks in places like Starbucks and Burger King. The company looked at the devices that connect to its network and discovered the top device is the iPhone. Unlike many metrics, this number is not based on a small sampling. Meraki has a netw...

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65 percent of connected apps run iOS in UK

The GSMA released its April Mobile Metrics report, which shows that 65% of devices using connected applications in the UK are powered by iOS; about 30% of devices run Android, and a meager 1% use Symbian. This report measures the number of wireless devices that have internet-connected application...

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Exclusive: mDialog Ad Developers' Toolkit for iOS 4 and iPad

If you've got video you're looking to put on the web and monetize, but you want to make sure said video is a) compatible with the iPad and iPhone and b) is nice and secure and c) is easy to deploy and can run ads based on a variety of criteria, then mDialog has a way. In fact, the company's A...

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Mobclix beefs up metrics, iPhone devs make money

Mobclix has been providing an impressive amount of usage information to iPhone developers for only about six months now, but have already made it into the 2008 TechCrunch 50, won SeedCamp 2008, and been recognized as a leading provider of metrics and analytics reporting. According to Mobclix, 75% of...

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iPhone and iPod touch shares continue to grow

It's not an earthshaking surprise, but good news nevertheless, that advertising metrics show the share of Apple devices on the web continues to grow. The latest indication is from Admob, a firm that tracks ad requests from more than 6,000 published sites in 160 foreign countries. According to their ...

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