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DIY breakout dock looks to get professional sound out of iPad 2

The iPad is an excellent device for creating and editing sound, but sometimes, just using that headphone port isn't enough. For that, DIY musician Qubais "Reed" Ghazala built this custom-made iPad dock, which plugs the iPad into a whole row of various sound-related ins and outs, from a line inp...

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TUAW talks to T-Pain at CES ShowStoppers 2011

We stopped by the ShowStoppers event at CES 2011 this evening, a special event in the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas for a few CES exhibitors and select press, and there we found none other than the prince of Auto-Tune himself, rapper T-Pain. He was there shilling a brand new microphone gadget that will a...

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TUAW's Daily App: Voice Fantasy

Voice Fantasy is a weird little app from Square Enix, creators of the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series of role-playing games. You may remember Song Summoner, the original RPG created for the iPod a while back (that later came to the iPhone as well). That game had you creating soldiers with son...

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iPhone headphone mic works with new laptops (and previous MBPs?)

As our old friend Nik tipped us yesterday and Macworld's Jason Snell reported in his two-hour rundown of the MacBook Pro and MacBook updates, there's a stealth feature with these machines that is sure to please iPhone owners: the $29 US Apple Stereo Headset, included with the iPhone, works as a micr...

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