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My Mac Setup: Gameday Edition in the UK

My girlfriend Danielle recently emigrated from the US to live with me in Wales. Her move meant leaving behind family and friends, but most importantly she abandoned decent live coverage of her beloved Michigan Wolverines. Here in the UK, our only broadcast option for college football is ESPN Americ...

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Partridge Creek grand opening tomorrow morning at 10am

As more than a few of our readers have noticed, Michigan is set to receive its fifth Apple Store tomorrow, in the form of a new store at Partridge Creek (near Clinton Township). Apparently, it's not an Apple-only opening-- the whole mall is having a grand opening tomorrow morning, but we're told t...

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Apple Store openings: Did you go?

It was a good weekend in Holyoke, Massachusetts and Ann Arbor, Michigan, as each city opened a new Apple Store on Saturday. As usual, we ask any TUAW operatives who may have attended to share their reports and/or pictures. So, did you go, and if you did, how was it? Let us know in the comments. I w...

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Ann Arbor, Mich Apple Store opens Saturday

Massachusetts isn't the only state opening a new Apple Store this weekend. Apple Store Briarwood will open in Ann Arbor, Michigan this Saturday, July 21st at 10:00 AM. The store is located at 652 Briarwood Circle, between The Limited and D.O.C. Optical. You'll find complete travel directions here. Y...

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