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Turn your iPhone into a high-power digital microscope for around $10

There are few things I like more than seeing someone come up with a startlingly low-cost solution to an otherwise expensive problem. Instructables user Yoshinok has done just that by turning a few pieces of Plexiglas, a laser pointer and an iPhone into a highly capable digital microscope. The enti...

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The new iPad's display compared to others under the microscope

Image: Shutterstock.com I keep squinting at my new iPad, trying to see the pixels, but no dice. Luckily, Ignore the Code rounded up some microscope imagery of the new iPad's screen and compared them to other devices. Something that surprised me was the quality of the PlayBook's screen. But th...

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MacRumors all but confirms iPad 3 will have Retina Display

We have no idea how they got hold of one, but MacRumors has apparently sourced the display component for the next-gen iPad and put it under the microscope -- literally. In a deja vu moment from roughly two years ago when the iPhone 4 was confirmed to have a Retina Display, Mac Rumors put the alleg...

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SkyLight combines iPhones and microscopes

We've seen lots of photo accessories that let you add filters and lenses to your iPhone, but SkyLight is the first to let you add a full-fledged microscope. It's a platform that attaches to a microscope and aligns the phone's camera with the eyepiece. You can view the microscope image on your phon...

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iPhone 4 turned into a microscope via CellScope attachment

CellScope is a UC Berkeley project designed to enable microscopic image captures from a cell phone's camera. At first it might sound like a pointlessly geeky project to do microscopy on a cell phone, but in fact it has important applications for mobile health services in remote areas. In some area...

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Cool mod: iPhone as digital microscope

Here's a great and super-simple mod that turns an iPhone 4 into a portable digital microscope. Using an inexpensive microscope found on Amazon (seven bucks as of this writing), an iPhone case and some superglue, this user has hacked together a stable, portable digital microscope that also takes ...

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Kindle, iPad, and paper examined microscopically

The above image is a picture of the iPad's screen, multiplied by 24 times over. Keith Peters at Bit-101 used his new USB microscope to examine a few different e-reader displays up really close, and the results are definitely a fun read. The iPad doesn't do too well, actually -- I think the Kindle l...

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