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Midnight Inbox 1.1 available

We know what you're thinking, "All right, TUAW! Enough with the GTD posts already!" Hey, it's currently the "It" cottage industry, and some folks are writing some nice software. Midnight Inbox is an application meant to enable users to follow the GTD methodology easily on their Macs. All of the "ste...

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Midnight Inbox finally hits 1.0

We've blogged about Midnight Inbox a few times before and have been tracking its progress through a rather buggy, but promising, beta phase. Well today Midnight Inbox, the first true GTD (Getting Things Done) app finally became a 1.0 app and it deserves a pat on the back for a job well done. Midni...

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Midnight Inbox v0.9.5

Since we first heard about it a month ago, Midnight Inbox has been improving by leaps and bounds. One only needs to check Midnight Beep Softwork's development blog to get updated on all the changes and improvements (far too many to thoroughly list here), but put simply: a lot of performance and sta...

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Midnight Inbox

People are crazy for this whole 'Getting Things Done' organizational method (sometimes it seems a bit cult like to me, and I'm an Apple blogger!). Many people have mashed and tweaked together various applications to get something resembling a true GTD (that's what those in the know call it) client....

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