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Over one billion podcast subscriptions through the iTunes Store

Are you addicted to podcasts? If so, you're not alone; both bite-sized and long form talk shows on iTunes have absolutely blown up since they were introduced on the service in 2005. Just how big have they gotten? Today Apple announced that the service has passed 1 billion podcast subscriptions. T...

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Urban Airship delivers 5 billionth push notification

Urban Airship is a company that works with developers to power and send out push notifications through the various applications on your iPhone, and it recently announced that the five billionth push notification left the company's servers. The company has been sending push notifications sinc...

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App Store unofficially hits 100,000 iPad apps

Apple is the leader of the tablet market for many reasons. The hardware is stellar, the OS is smooth and the App Store is packed full of apps. So full, in fact, that the overall count of apps for the iPad has unofficially crossed the 100,000 app milestone. As Macstories points out, a quick look...

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Apple announces 100 million iPods sold

Apple today announced the sale of 100 million iPods. This surely brings a smile to Dr. Evil, Apple enthusiasts, and shareholders alike as the first iPod was sold a mere five and a half years ago in November 2001. Quoth Steve Jobs from Apple's press release: "At this historic milestone, we want to th...

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