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Talkcast tonight, 10 pm ET: Memorial Macs

Tonight on the Talkcast, as we enjoy the fun and sun of this Memorial Day weekend here in the US, we're going to honor our servicemen and women by dedicating the show to them. It's Macs in the military night -- if you've got a story of an Apple product used in the uniformed services, call on in! ...

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iPhone, iPad optics add night vision for covert missions

The iPhone and iPad are consumer devices, but they're powerful enough to be used in a variety of industries, including the military and law enforcement. One such military tool is a new hardware and software system from Special Operations Apps that lets you attach an iOS device to military grade...

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AT&T appears to be unlocking iPhones for deployed active duty military personnel

Image by Shutterstock A couple of days ago we got a tip from a reader who said he'd sent a letter to Tim Cook asking "for help to unlock my wife's iPhone, because she is active duty military deploying to Afghanistan this week. I wanted her to have an unlocked phone in Afghanistan, so that she...

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TUAW's Daily iPad App - Warplanes: A History of Aerial Combat

Gameloft recently released a new iPad book-app, Warplanes: A History of Aerial Combat (US$6.99). This app is follow-up to Gameloft's earlier book-app, War in the Pacific. This latest offering includes detailed information on 43 historic war planes including popular bombers like the B-52, fighte...

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Singapore to hand out iPads to its soldiers

The Defence Ministry of Singapore said on Monday that it will be issuing 8,000 iPads to new recruits this year. Armed with the iPad, new soldiers will be able to snap photos and videos of the battlefield, which can be uploaded to a central database. They can also communicate with officers and o...

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US Army developing mobile apps for soldiers in the field

According to Computerworld, US soldiers may soon be carrying some familiar devices into battle: iPhones and iPads. Two military contractors, Harris and Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS), are building applications for the iPhone, iPad and the Android platform that will assist soldiers deployed t...

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TUAW Cares: Sharing with the troops

After we posted about the free rollover minutes offer from AT&T earlier this month, we were deluged by readers who wanted to know if they could donate some or all of their accumulated minutes to US troops serving overseas. We contacted AT&T to see if we could make this happen. Unfortunately,...

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Papershow for Teachers introduced at Macworld 2011

Papershow made a big splash last year at Macworld during its introduction, and since then has apparently sold fairly well in business circles (the product is now being sold in Staples as well). This year, Papershow is introducing a new edition styled for education applications, called Papershow f...

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UK soldiers use iPad app to train for Afghan operations

At the Royal School of Artillery in Wiltshire, UK, troops have been learning how to manage a fire mission (firing artillery at the enemy from several miles away) with the help of iPads. Early reports indicate that the technique has accelerated their learning. BBC Radio's Newsbeat had an exclusive...

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US Army meets with Apple, discusses tech for soldiers

Earlier this month, Major General Nick Justice and several members of his staff traveled to Apple's Cupertino campus to discuss soldiers using Apple's products and technology in the field. In addition to having the most awesome name ever, Maj. Gen. Justice also heads the US Army's Research, Developm...

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Tracking and killing insurgents? There's an app for that.

The Guardian has a story on US military contractor Raytheon who's begun building a series of applications for the iPhone for use in the battlefield. Their first military app is called One Force Tracker and uses satellite positioning and mobile networks to turn soldiers into master tacticians, giving...

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Found Footage: Control an unmanned aerial vehicle with an iPhone

What does a former US Navy F/A-18 Hornet pilot do with her time now that she heads MIT's Humans and Automation Lab? The short answer is "really cool stuff," and the long answer is even better. During her tenure as a pilot, Professor Cummings became frustrated with the Hornet's cockpit. "I spe...

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Government / Military Mac users get PIV single sign-on from Thursby

Thursby Software is a longtime Mac development firm (since 1986) that has always had a mission: integrating Macs as full players in mixed-OS environments. While Mac OS X has gone a long way toward improving the situation of Mac users in predominantly Microsoft environments, there are still situation...

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Smile for the camera: iFace recognition for iPhone

If you have to be subjected to surveillance, identification and security profiling, might as well have a shiny iPhone in the mix to make the erosion of your privacy rights that much easier to stomach. That's the scenario now that Animetrics' iPhone facial recognition product, iFace, is in limited re...

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iPods in uniform

When U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan need to communicate in Iraqi Arabic, Kurdish (spoken in north Iraq), or Dari and Pushto (Afghani languages), they can reach for an iPod. Vcom3D, working with troops from the U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division, designed a software product called VCommu...

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