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Millienial Media report says Apple still top manufacturer and growing, travel apps busy last quarter

Millenial Media has released its final report of 2010 about advertising requests on its network, and Apple remains the king of mobile advertising on the network. For the last 15 months, Apple has been the top manufacturer, and ad requests on the network for Apple devices are still growing -- 12% fr...

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Millenial Media: Apple still top manufacturer, devs heading to Android in 2011

Millenial Media has released its monthly report about mobile advertising, and while things haven't changed too much from the last time they released this kind of data, the usual trends are still in place. Apple is the biggest mobile device manufacturer around, representing 25 percent of mobile impr...

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Report: Android ad revenue beats iPhone, iOS and smartphone market still growing

Millenial Media has released its latest report on cross-platform mobile advertising, and the iPhone has lost another step on the Android platform. According to Millenial's reporting, revenue for advertising from the Android platform has exceeded iPhone-only revenue. That's not quite as bad as it so...

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Millennial Media report has Apple with 56% of smartphone market, ad requests up big time

Millennial Media has a new report (out this morning) that they sent along, and it's got some interesting research, based on their advertising network, about Apple and its place in the smartphone market. As you can see above, Apple's still got the majority base of OS users in the smartphone market; ...

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