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WhatsApp says it has 250 million users

Mobile messaging app WhatsApp has hit a huge total of 250 million users, the company has told the Wall Street Journal. A couple of million users these days is no big deal, considering how big the smartphone audience has become, but 250 million users is significant. In fact, it's on par with Twit...

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Temple Run breaks 100 million downloads

There's big news from Imangi Software, the husband-and-wife team behind the breakout iOS hit Temple Run. The game has picked up 100 million downloads in within a year on the App Store. The team has a lot to show for it, like a long time on the Top Free apps chart, plenty of microtransactions ...

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Analysts: Apple may have sold between 5-9 million iPads in Q2

The week after the iPad 2 went on sale, I kept expecting Apple to issue a press release announcing that it had sold a million iPad 2s within X number of days (Apple sold about 2 million of the first version in the first 60 days). However, the first week passed and now, more than two weeks later...

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Confirmed: A million Apple TVs sold

All Things Digital has confirmed that rumor last week that Apple expected to sell a million of the new Apple TV units. One million of those little black boxes have wandered out the doors of Apple Stores everywhere, and have presumably been plugged into televisions to stream content from iTunes, Net...

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Angry Birds hits 10 million iPhone downloads, coming to gaming consoles

Angry Birds creator Rovio has announced that the game has fetched a whopping 36 million downloads so far, including ten million paid downloads on the iOS platform alone. Those are some pretty incredible numbers -- there's no question at all that Angry Birds is as legendary an app on the iPhone as t...

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Evernote hits 5 million users

Cloud memory service Evernote has reached 5 million users and continues to grow, according to an official statement on the company's blog. The service is gaining tens of thousands of new users per day and has recently seen its highest daily revenue from premium users, plus big jumps off of Apple pl...

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Deal documents show Ngmoco's 50 million downloads, $10m losses in 2009

Stuart Dredge of MobileEntertainment did some digging into the paperwork behind the Ngmoco sale, and came back with some interesting figures about the company's financials. Turns out that rumored $403 million purchase price is true -- kind of. The deal includes a $100 million bonus, if Ngmoco keeps...

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Ping reaches a million, attacked by spam

Apple's new social network, Ping, has been around for about a week now, and all of the pundits have had their chance at weighing in on what Apple got wrong and right. And what's the result? Not bad, but not great -- more than a million people joined the network in just 48 hours. That's not terrible ...

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iPod touch makes up 38% of iDevices shipped

Blogger asymco did a little calculating from last week's announcement numbers, and has hammered out a rough estimate of just how many of each iDevice are floating around the world today. According to Steve at last week's event, there are 120 million iDevices total in the world, and we already knew ...

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Disney acquires social game firm Playdom

Stick with me on this one -- it's not strictly Apple-related, but I think it will have a big effect on the App Store in the future. Last week at Comic-Con, I saw the head of Disney's mobile gaming division, and I had to congratulate him; the company's Toy Story 3 app nabbed over 1.7 million download...

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More than 25% of iTunes users want the cloud

A new NPD Group survey says that if Apple ever does release its rumored cloud music service for iTunes, there will definitely be an audience. Over 25% of iTunes users polled say that they would be interested a free iTunes cloud service. And about half of those would be interested in actually paying ...

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OpenFeint hits 25 million users, announces 2.5 beta release

OpenFeint has announced that they've reached 25 million users on their social networking service for apps on the App Store. That's an astounding number, and not only does it represent an amazing achievement by the folks at Aurora Feint, but it hints at just how big Apple's official Game Center servi...

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Humble Indie Bundle moving towards $1 million, still being pirated

The Humble Indie Bundle that we posted about the other day is doing quite well -- they've raised almost US$800,000 by selling five indie games (playable on Mac, Linux, and Windows) for pay-what-you-will. In fact, they've done so well that they've added another game into the mix -- you'll also get S...

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Apple sells one millionth iPad

Apple announced today that on Friday the one millionth iPad was sold. The figure does not break out Wi-Fi vs. 3G iPads, yet the number is still staggering considering it only took 28 days. For the original iPhone, the million unit milestone was not hit until 74 days after release. Apple also ann...

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Content company raises $2 million to develop for iPad

Thinking Screen Media is a content platform developer, putting together a content delivery system designed to bring information to "millions of connected screens worldwide." Now, it seems that many of those screens might be iPads. TechCrunch reports that they've raised a whopping $2 million just to ...

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