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Best Buy to provide Samsung mini-stores as Apple competition heats up

The battles between Apple and Samsung have been heating up for a while, and there is a new battleground for the two foes -- the aisles of Best Buy stores. Geek.com reported this morning that some high-traffic Best Buy stores have been given orders to remove two aisles next to the mobile section...

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Apple to open mini stores inside Target

Target is one of those stores that quietly carries a variety of Apple products. In between speakers and keyboards, you can find iPads, iPods and iTunes gift cards. Soon, you may find an Airport Extreme and maybe even a MacBook Air. This prediction is based on a report from AppleInsider, which sug...

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Apple planning replacement for California "mini" Apple Store

Most Apple stores are spacious, but there are some older locations that are teeny, tiny mini-stores. Many of these smaller stores were opened in 2004 and need a facelift. According to ifoAppleStore, one mini-store in Santa Rosa is moving to a new location that'll give it six times more space th...

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