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Apple pushing the MiniStore with iTunes 7

This has been bothering me since I upgraded to iTunes 7, and I finally laid hands on a copy of v6 to confirm: in v7, Apple seems to be pushing the new MiniStore they introduced in v6.0.2, as in: they don't make turning it off nearly as obvious anymore. Maybe they didn't like the fact that they were...

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iTunes MiniStore now asks for your permission

We're happy that Apple has now decided to turn off the iTunes MiniStore by default when you install and run iTunes 6.0.2. Advocates worried about data that the MiniStore was sending back to the Apple mother ship will be slightly appeased that Apple has added a warning pop down message at the bottom ...

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New MiniStore in iTunes 6.0.2

Among the maintenance updates in iTunes 6.0.2 is an actual new feature: the MiniStore. While browsing your own library, the Edit menu now contains a "Show MiniStore" option that will bring up a small window containing exactly what you may think: a mini version of the iTMS. There doesn't ap...

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