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Miro 4 bumps up media management & Android sync

The Mac media management application formerly known as Democracy Player has been around for a good while; since 2007, it's been called Miro and has offered solid podcatching, BitTorrent and video viewing features in a convenient open-source application. The current version of the app, 4.0.1, roll...

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Download, play, and convert most video formats with Miro

Apple's built-in QuickTime video player is fine if all you ever want to watch are files in the limited number of formats that it supports. However, if you need to playback files that are encoded in Xvid, DivX, WebM, or even the dreaded FLV, you'll need something with a bit more capability. VLC is on...

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Miro 2.0 revamps interface and improves performance

Miro, the open-source video client and podcatcher, has hit version 2.0. In addition to a revamped interface and various performance improvements in viewing and downloading, the new version also adds support for streaming shows on Hulu, CBS, etc. as well as audio podcasts. As before Miro features a c...

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Miro 1.0

If you're into videoblogging, and it would seem that everyone is these days, then you have to check out Miro (you may know it as Democracy player). Billed as 'groundbreaking Internet TV software,' Miro 1.0, which was released yesterday, allows you to search, subscribe to, and view any number of vid...

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Democracy Player now Miro

Back in March, the Participatory Culture Foundation announced that Democracy Player would be renamed as Miro, and the change is now official with a new release of the internet video player software, version 0.9.8 . The application's image has been totally revamped, including an overhaul of the off...

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Democracy Player changes name to 'Miro'

What's in a name? Lots of things, including the difference between confusing and creating potential users of your application, apparently. That's why the Participatory Culture Foundation is renaming Democracy Player, its open source internet television surfing program, despite sticking with the orig...

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