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iPhone and mirror turned into DIY monkeycam

YouTube user Mark Rober, last seen making a gruesome Halloween costume with a couple of iPad 2s, has posted another video on YouTube featuring another relatively unconventional use for Apple's mobile devices. Rober found that during a trip to the zoo, he could use the iPhone's front camera and scr...

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Jerome, where's my mirror?

Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz has a wonderful solution to the problem of videoconferencing on your 3G iPhone: compact, convenient and battery-free! Okay, we get it: a camera on the front of the iPhone is probably a pretty useful idea. Although there's something oddly compelling about turning a videoco...

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Huckleberry iSight periscope

The inclusion of iSight cameras in Apple portables starting with the MacBook Pro was an exciting prospect for many users; just think about how useful it would be to have the ability to video conference wherever you had your notebook without having to lug around extra gear! But the secondary use of t...

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