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Star Trek Online finally enters the Mac universe

It's been roughly four years since Star Trek Online began exploring the universe in search of new worlds and strange life forms, and it looks like the MMORPG finally stumbled upon the Windows-less Apple galaxy. Publisher Perfect World has at long last launched the game for the Mac-owning populous....

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Dungeon Fighter Online comes to iOS in a Slayer Edition

Hot on the heels of its success with Kart Rider Rush, Nexon has brought another one of its free-to-play MMO titles to iOS. Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the most popular titles in the lineup, save for another game called MapleStory. Dungeon Fighter Online is a free-to-play 2D action RPG that...

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Xenome: Episode 1 is a fully immersive post-apocalyptic RPG on your iPhone

As I kid I burned up an entire summer playing Wasteland on my Apple II. I spent countless hours playing Fallout many years later. Xenome is clearly inspired by these two games, and promises to chew up yet more of my time. You play a lone wanderer in the desert, searching for something and having a ...

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