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iPad ads more lucrative than iPhone spots

Here's an interesting little finding regarding Apple's iOS devices -- Mobclix claims that for the month of July 2010, ads on the iPad were actually more lucrative than ads running on iPhone apps. The effective cost per thousand impressions is actually five times higher on the iPad than on the iPhon...

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3,266 iPad apps and counting

AppShopper is listing 3,266 iPad apps available at the time of this writing. That's slightly more than 100 apps added since this morning. As of the morning of April 4th there were a total of 3,122 iPad apps available in the App Store according to Mobclix, a mobile ad exchange. At launch yesterday, t...

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eBooks outnumber games in the App Store

The number of eBooks in the App Store has surpassed the number of games for the first time, and the spread is widening. Mobclix, a mobile device advertising agency, reports that as of last month, there were over 27,000 eBook apps while games were relegated to the runner-up position of 25,400 ap...

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Mobclix beefs up metrics, iPhone devs make money

Mobclix has been providing an impressive amount of usage information to iPhone developers for only about six months now, but have already made it into the 2008 TechCrunch 50, won SeedCamp 2008, and been recognized as a leading provider of metrics and analytics reporting. According to Mobclix, 75% of...

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