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Go edging and win free games, your name in Edge, coming soon to MAS

You may remember Edge, the iOS game that picked up a little bit of controversy for a disagreement over the name's trademark. That disagreement has been settled, and the title is now coming out on Steam on August 11, and the Mac App Store a few days after that. To celebrate, Mobiegame and fellow...

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Mobigame nails down international trademark on 'Edge'

A year and a half after this issue first cropped up, developer Mobigame has finally gotten a trademark on the term "Edge" as used in video games. As you can see from the image posted by the developer, they now have the right, under international law, to use the name Edge for their game, which s...

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Amnesty International releases iOS game to raise money and awareness for human rights

Bulletproof is a new game that's out on the App Store right now. The premise is interesting and a little macabre, as you're tasked with stopping bullets from a firing squad by touching in the right places on screen. I like it, actually. The action starts slow and eventually becomes pretty frant...

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